Saturday, January 30, 2021

Saturday Night Music


Tom Waits * 7 Dezember 1949


  1. You so often expose and diminish my ignorance. For which I thank you.
    Sunday morning here. Grey, but soft and lovely.

    1. Ha ha, Sue, and that's from a woman who is in advance of my time. May soft- and loveliness keep companioning you.

  2. So he was on the WDR Rockpalast? I didn't know that - impressive singer. He sang over Kurt Cobain too, I remember. In in the back of my brain Charles Bukowski pops up -- but now its my turn to be too lazy to unearth that...

    By the way: you have no follower-function? Why?

    1. Welcome to Omnium, Britta. Glad we are of similar an opinion. As for Bukowski. You are right. In lenient support of your laziness allow me to serve you with "a beauty": Waits reading Bukowski's Laughing Heart.

      Interesting. I have not been asked that before.
      The reason is simple: I would not "follow" anyone, and I do not wish anyone to "follow" me.
      When intrigued, I bookmark blogs I might like visiting again.
      Well, and kind visitors are always welcome.
      The peace of the night.