Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Beers & Books LXX – Seamus Heaney

"I've always associated the moment of writing
with a moment of lift, of joy,
of unexpected reward."

North (1975), Station Island (1984),
The Government of the Tongue (1986),
The Redress of Poetry (1995),
The Spirit Level (1996),
The Blackbird of Glanmore (Poems 1965 – 2006)

 Seamus Heaney (13 April 1939 – 30 August 2013)


  1. With reference to yesterday, the store we visited today had no Estrella, but the one I will visit tomorrow should have, so in the meantime I am having San Miguel, which is fine. I quite like some of Seamus's stuff (with apologies if "quite like" is blasphemously restrained).

    1. ...and if the "some of" is blasphemously restricted.

    2. No god, no blasphemy.
      Thus: Absolve te.
      Looking forward to learn what you think of Estrella compared to San Miguel.
      Seamus Heaney was a fine man.

  2. On your recommendation I am imbibing the Estrella and finding it good. Quite similar to San Miguel, to me, but I am more of a darker beer fellow. Cheers, and thanks for the introduction to my new Spanish friend. I am sure I will meet it again.

    1. More lingering on the palate than San Miguel, perhaps. Certainly nice.

    2. And by way of arranging a return blind date for you, if not already met perhaps you should arrange to meet Old Jock beer brewed by Broughton Brewery in the Scottish Borders https://broughtonales.co.uk/product/old-jock/

    3. More lingering on the palate than San Miguel: That's what I think.
      As for Old Jock: Unfortunately, it is not offered in my neck of the woods, and I don't buy online. Same goes for St Feuillien Brune and Harviestoun's Old Engine Oil Stout.
      Perhaps I ought to visit you for a couple of weeks. ;-)