Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Beers & Books CLXVIII – Arundhati Roy

The trouble is that once you see it,
you can't unsee it.
And once you've seen it,
keeping quiet, saying nothing,
becomes as political an act as speaking out.
There's no innocence.
Either way, you're accountable.

Arundhati Roy *24 November 1961


  1. Depends what "it" is, no? I have unseen almost all of the things that I have seen, being especially unable to remember them when they are things I really want to remember. The things one would wish to unsee are more resilient to unseeing though; but there are also many such things I have gladly forgotten. Things are more complicated than can be covered by generalised statements I would say (well... I just did say). I am an awkward customer, no?

    1. Not at all awkward, Andrew. By posting it without context I offered a chance, and you took it. ;-)

  2. Ouch. It seems that like Andrew I am being awkward. There are things I would like to unsee but cannot, and things which have escaped. Generalising (which is dangerous) Arundhati Roy has a point. Doing nothing often is a choice AND a statement.

    1. As you write, Sue: Doing nothing often is [...] a statement.