Tuesday, November 16, 2021


From the very beginning of this blog I was not keen to make many "friends".
The more thankful I am that I "found" a few.
When Jams who died eight years ago, aged 54, I thought I can't give up blogging because of Claude; when Claude died this year, aged 92, I thought, ...

... but now it happened.

There is an Ending

Andrew aka "my" Don QuiScottie has announced it.

Thus, time for "his" Seanso (Panza)  to follow.

Not as rigorously, though, as there are quite a few authors and their books scheduled; and now and then I might answer comments in case there are some.

As a man and a donkey do know more than a man, to completely delete Omnium is not planned, so far, either.

May most of the time be happiness upon you.



  1. Oh Sean,
    That is not one but three of my blogging friends who have announced today that you are stepping away.
    You have all three of you enriched my life and will be missed.
    All the best to you.

    1. Ah, dear Sue, thank you for your kind words.
      That fast the Prussians don't shoot, though, as the German saying goes.
      There are quite a few post scheduled; I might even have moved to my last dwelling six feet under, before the last will get published somewhen in autumn 2022.

  2. On my last trip up to the Motherland, I noticed a turning off the A9 which said 'Dunning' had it not been two in the morning I would have been tempted to explore a little further. Yes I was taken aback by Andrew stepping back, sad really - I loved the way you two used to bounce off each other. I suppose we all have our lives and blogging is only a small part of it in the whole scheme of things. I don't think Omnium is ready to quit yet though - just reading slightly between the lines.

    1. I will still be around Mark, commenting and checking for more of your poems and photos from time to time, just not blogging any more.

    2. You could be right, Mark, what depends Omnium; at least for the time being.
      The more as such kind words from you and the ladies don't make a decision any easier. I start to understand why Andrew would not wish anyone wave goodbye. Behind an ostensibly hard shell is hidden a soft core, you know. ;-)

  3. Dear Sean, this is news I didn't expect and I'm sad to read this. I'd hoped that after Andrew switched off his blog today & no goodbyes were possible that I'd be able to wave to him cheerily on the Seanscape from time to time, but, alas, this opportunity may not yet be. Two of my new and few blogging friends bowing out gracefully in one day! At least I had your good company for a little while and it was delightful to have met you. All good wishes to you and thank you for your warm and charming hospitality around your fine pages.

    1. Lady Pipistrello, what a lovely necrology you let me enjoy whilst still in the land of the living. Thank you with all my heart.
      As suggested above, the – so far ;-) – last post is scheduled for October 16th, 2022.
      Until then, this master of procrastination should have accomplished a mission which is very dear to him.
      What ever may happen, loveliest Lady Pipistrello: Sei sempre nel mio cuore. ;-)

  4. There is an appropriate time to end a blog, we may think, but friendship can remain. Instead of closing or deleting my one I have just decided to leave it live but with comments disabled, but my email address is on it, and it is also in my profile which I will use for commenting, and I will be around occasionally commenting, probably, until I am no longer around at all.

    1. Ah, good decion, Andrew, to leave the blog live. Unlike other blogs, "The Poor Mouth" after nine years has not been hacked, so that now and then I pop over and enjoy some of his postings and some of "our" hilarious comment-sections.
      And yes, that's for sure: Our friendship will remain. My good thoughts are with you, Andrew. I

    2. I have now left the comments visible too, but I doubt if I will visit again much, to reminisce, unless perhaps some years from now (if I reach some years from now). Looking backwards troubles me sometimes, as does looking forwards actually... the day in hand is enough.

    3. As almost always d'accord.
      Let us try to make the best of our remaining days in hand; sometimes perhaps even hand in hand. Who knows.

  5. Don QuiScottie de L'EcosseTuesday, November 16, 2021 2:40:00 pm

    We all, I am sure have further noble causes to advance. We may lay down our blogs but our lances remain ready and aimed, nobly questing onwards.

    1. Yes!
      'Between my finger and my thumb
      The squat pen rests.
      I am digging.'

    2. Good.

      As for me, I am looking over some ground that I have already roughly dug and wondering whether to keep digging there, or start elsewhere, or just declare "enough!" and wander through life contemplating, drinking beer, squeezing my lady on occasion and marvelling at how much more sensible than me my children have become. I expect I will keep digging...

    3. Let us contemplate then, drink beer, caress our ladies, marvel at our offsprings and ... keep digging.
      Ah! And now imagine me climbing the ladder and kissing your shining baldness. ;-)

  6. I am sad that many of my blogging friends retire from blogging or have passed away along the years. I miss their thoughts and photographs.

    Time passes...

    I feel alone...