Monday, July 30, 2007

Cave Cihan, Mr. Erdoğan!

Forget about what I have been posting yesterday.
Of course, Tayyip Erdoğan is the winner of election in Turkey.

Congratulations, Mr. Erdoğan.

I, me and myself do not have any doubt of your integrity.
My closest friend, though - a writer who would not write for reasons I shall probably never understand - just murmured: "He should not forget forget the mission of July 30th, 2003."

"Well", I said when watching the first photo he showed me from his REUTERS-archive, "not everybody on this planet is a horseman."

"For sure", Tetrapilotomos smiled, "and the photos , OF COURSE, would not have been published in Zaman."
"But why?" I asked. "It's not a shame to get in trouble with a horse."

"Hm, Turkish journalists know pretty well to use the scissors in their mind (brain)."

"Actually, Tetrapilotomos, I think some Turkish journalists are very brave. Much more brave, indeed, than I'd be."

"Well, Sean, it's not because of the horse alone. It's because of the horse's name."

"C'mon, Tetrapilotomos, what was or is the horse's name?!"


"Sounds nice."

"Indeed, it does. But would you like to be unhorsed by the 'World'?"


  1. Not flattering for him, surely.

    The future of Turkey is bound to be of interest in the next few years.

    We would be unwise to distance ourselves from her.
    After all, if the west coannot include Turkey, what hope has it of dialogue with the New East?

  2. CIB, focusing only on one of a myriad of aspects: Turkey has been treated by the EU on the whole with lots of dishonesty and hypocrisy during the past 30 years.
    At the time Greece, Spain and Portugal - only to mention three countries - were accepted as members of EU these countries would not have been beacons of democracy, would they?
    They developed within the EU.

    As for your question: In case Turkey turned towards east and north, even his Hungarian Highness residing in Élysée Palace, would not be amused.