Monday, July 02, 2007

A mess too late to fix?

There is another article in today's Turkish Daily News (TDN), which is interesting to read.

All facts mentioned seem correct; even the final sentence.

Now there do exist quite a few contradictory, often amusing aphorisms either about optimism/optimists and pessimism/pessimists.
As almost always, one could take the one fitting best to one's own convictions, one's own spirit, one's own mood.

After all, such behaviour seems part of the essentiell inherent interior essence hidden in the root of the kernel of everything.

So let a humble agnostic who deeply respects any form of belief as long as the believers do tolerate his conviction admit that he fears Gwynne Dyer's final sentence could prove true, but that he would rather prefer building a temple for an ISM.

And let's call it/her/him OPTIM. :-)

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