Saturday, July 14, 2007

From Privilege to Prejudice

It's the blogger's privilege not to write. Thanks to God and his wife. To tell what I am used to tell (the truth): I am still too excited about the essential inherent interior essence which was hidden in the lead of an article published by BBC, and surprised that it did not yet receive the befitted worldwide attention.
In case you happened to not read yesterday's post you may feel free to catch up with what you haphazardly missed.

And now for something completely different:
It's a citizen's right to criticise politicians; at least it should be. The more as many of the latter are doing their best to deserve being punished in Devil's kitchen.
It's not just a journalist's right but duty to objectively criticise politicians; at least it should be taken as a duty.

As for myself, I do not seldom get close to ecstasy once I have started to grumble or even shout unseemy words at this or that politician; not, of course, in this blog. :) Only the TV and Schrödinger (our cat) could appear as witness. And I do feel at my best when it comes to generalize!!

Therefore - you wouldn't believe I could be serious? - I know it's good and even necessary at least sometimes to have someone who offers the chance to catch one's reflexion. For this reason tonight I recommend this column by Mehmed Ali Birand.
May you ponder his thoughts.

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