Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Signs an Agnostic God "Accident"?

Today my closest friend who would not write for reasons which I may probably never understand asked me to read this.

I did, and afterwards shrugged my shoulders: "Nothing surprising. The Turkish are living in interesting times. So what?"

Said my closest friend: "According to an increasing number of Knowalls claiming - who would be surprised? - to live in the most wonderful country on this planet, the primate called homo sapiens did not develop by evolution, but is a direct descended of a prototype intelligently designed from loamy soil, ten thousand years ago."
Noticing my brows producing a questionsmark, he went on:
"Therefore one should not dare to ask, if bathing one's nurslings a little too hot is widespread a custom in "God's own created country".
I could not help but nod. "The more as the path to hell is undoubtedly paved with frivolous questions. At most they would shrug their shoulders and praise their Lord's wondrous paths. But now, surely you will let me know to what extent your exquisitely well-shaped words deal with what you asked me to read."
"Well, taking for granted everything is relative, this applies for intelligence, too, doesn't it?"
"So, given a creator's relative intelligence, all such kinds of ruthless idiots ..."
"May I ask for a little more contentance?"
"... okay, would you feel better if I added, in the classical sense?
"Go on."
... mentioned in this very article could be the product of accidental design, couldn't they?"
"You mean all fathers being stoned or drunk while ..."
"Not necessarily. According to Anatol France Accident might perhaps be God's pseudonym when he does not wish to sign with his proper name."
"Would you please come to the inner roots of the kernel?"

And he did.
But who am I to tell that according to my closest friend the other night he had an apparition, and since he knows all and a little more?
All I know is he would never write "God is an agnostic" ...

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