Friday, May 24, 2013


... or 'Friday is Skyday' :)


  1. I hope these clouds are natural. I really do not intend to provoke you but my mind immediately and automatically thought... Orange... Monsanto...

    Certainly looks like pollution at least but I do suspect it may just be a lovely natural glow, and I hope Seanhenge is not under attack

  2. Oh! How glad I am that you hope these clouds are natural, dear Don QuiScottie.
    And who am I to think you could intend to provoke. You who would never, wouldn't you ... :)
    No need to saddle Rocinante, anyway, Seanhenge is not under attack.

  3. Rocinante? Neigh... I have been sold a new genetically engineered thoroughbred that will bring terror to my foes. My new steed is named Apocalypse.

  4. "The sky is on fire"

    Interesting suggestion Syncy, since the sky is 80% nitrogen and the nitrogen dioxide that would form if nitrogen burned is just that colour of reddish brown. I do think Sean's chimneys may be burning the sky. What devilment proceeds at mysterious Seanhenge!

  5. Who needs television when there's always an unpredictable sky overhead or over there?

  6. Love the new presentation. Is this your own photo, Sean? Fascinating... Intriguing sky and serene scenery!

  7. :) A fine name you've chosen for your new Rocinante, Don QuiScottie.

    Swimming on fire, so to speak, Ashley. :)

    Why trying to cast suspicion from yourself and your new genetically engineered thoroughbred named Apocalypse on Seanhenge Don QuiScottie?

    Indeed, Susan. And when not watching the sky, there are still quite a few things much more worthwhile than watching TV.

    Thank you, Claude. I am not entirely content, yet. However I do like the new header.
    It's from one of my "Friday-is-Skyday-photos".

  8. Beware World... Don QuiScottie is riding out on Apocalypse... Now.

  9. The chimneys do seem to be spouting fire!!

  10. It was on April 15, 2012...And looking at all your skies to find that day was a marvelous, exciting trip!

  11. May Apocalypse's legs don't get between any windmill vanes, dear Don.

    That's but the 'zoom effect', CherryPie.

    Same what I thought, Claude. To my surprise it has become quite a fine. collection, hasn't it?

  12. Oh, thank you, Ashley.
    For this and that reason I do still think I might better move to wordpress. But alas, I am too lazy. :)