Wednesday, May 29, 2013

For Jams

This year's very first poppy in Seanhenge
I do dedicate ...

to my dear friend Jams.


  1. I miss the communications from his mind and his eye (via camera) very much.

  2. I miss him so much too. I find myself thinking of him whilst I am on my travels and taking photographs. I know he would add the place on his list of to visit places and I would love to see his photographic interpretation.

    I am still sad...

  3. I miss him too.

    That's a nice gesture, Sean.

  4. So do I, Andrew, plus this and that.

    Isn't that one of the best compliments a friend can get, CherryPie? . . . When we are thinking of him in this and that situation?
    *hugging you, my sad friend*

    . . . and you, Claude.

    I know, Ashley. Jams –
    Phew, I am still hesitating to write of him in the past! – was such a fine character.
    And he liked (to photograph) poppies. :)*

  5. One thing I'm glad of is that his blog still remains. I visit there from time to time and always feel the shock of his presence. I too miss Jams very much.

  6. Yes, Susan, and I do hope that Shirl, his lovely not-wife, will not send the blog into the oblivion

    1. Now, in 2015, I am not convinced Jams shared the user id and password details with anyone at all, thus his blog just remains as it was. Perhaps.

    2. I remember that Shirl one day wrote some lines on behalf of Jams. So she might have id and password, but does just wish to leave everything as it was . .. as it is.
      Anyway, I've been thinking of Jams and his family a lot during the past weeks. Perhaps one day, I shall try to give Shirl a ring.