Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fictitious Dialogue?

Spake a friendly neighbour:
"Beautiful flowers, Mr. J.. Where did you order the seed?"
Nowhere. They are a present.
"Oh, lovely. From your daughter?"
No, from nature.

Spake the friendly neighbour;
"Oh. And why don't I have these beauties in my garden?"

'cause you have such an impeccable looking lawn.
Spake the friendly neighbour:
"I just do prefer to have a cultivated garden."
Spake I:

Well, obviously the fairies just don't like people
daily trimming their lawn with nail scissors.
Spake the friendly neighbour:
"Your weeds are contaminating my ground, anyway."Spake I:

Well, and its petals are flavouring my salads.
Have a nice evening, Mrs. X


  1. Ha, I am overwhelmed! What have the fairies done? Anyway, praised be their white magic.

    Toujours l'amour. Claude.
    I love you, too. :)

    ... and Ashley, how wonderful to be loved by you.
    Mmmm ... I love you, too. :)

  2. Now we just need Andrew to chime in and we can start a fan club! :)

  3. Ah Seanso. We are so similar. My grumpy neighbour discussed my weeds on my riverbank and I told her I have no weeds, but I do have wild plants and wild flowers. I said she was welcome to take cuttings or seeds any time she liked. For many "gardeners" the garden is about exerting control over nature rather than enjoying it.

  4. Sadly (perhaps) Dear Sean, I do not really know what "love" is, and so I may claim only associate membership of that fan club; but I think I quite like you, meantime...

  5. Well, I can't but add that I feel great affection for you too.

    I also have to tell you that back in the days when we owned a house, the one we had came with a very large yard. Except for the front bit between the gate and the porch that I kept trimmed, the rest was allowed to grow what it liked. One afternoon our neighbour called to me as I walked past. Oops, here it comes, I thought. But rather than complain about the tall grass, the day lilies and all the other wildflowers she asked if she could bring her children and their friends over for a nature walk.

  6. Oh...

    My comment seems to have been eaten by Blogger :-/

  7. Ah, Andrew, somehow we are 'fossils'. 35 years ago there would no lawn been seen in this part of the village, everybody was a little farmer.
    In 2013 Seanhenge is the only spot where at least on parts of the land potatoes are grown, beans, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, onions, kohlrabi, different salads, cucumbers, courgette, and many different herbs – without the use of any pesticides.
    You can taste the difference.

    As for 'love': I am sure when you feel it, you will 'know' what love is.
    But I think I do understand what you mean: Both you and I would not love potatoes, a book or any blogger's excellent photo, would we? :)
    Therefore, it is a lovely feeling to 'know' that you like me. Thank you, Andrew.

    Ah, Susan, thank you for that! You do, of course, know how much I do admire and l...ike Crow and you, don't you? :)
    This very neighbour obviously knew her children would not have many opportunities in their later life to see a completely 'Monsanto-free' garden in the US.