Friday, May 10, 2013

The Don becomes 13

Even Venus, Jupiter and Lady Luna
are smiling:

Don QuiScottie becomes 13!
Well, cross sum wise.
So let's praise him
The Golden Helmet of Perthino.


  1. 'I can hear the cuckoo singing in the cuckoo berry tree.' Haha!

    Off to wish Andrew a happy birthday.

  2. I love the whole set up, Sean. :-)

    I never understood how the Don can be only 13, but I have to add all my years honestly. I even think sometimes, that someone doubles them!

    Hope you have a good one, Andrew!

  3. The Noble Don is humbled (well... as humble as a noble Don can be, which is not very...), but humbled by such warm greetings from his faithful Seanso. Thanks very much.

    Dear Dulcinea gently shook your Don awake this morning, with her soft voice calling, "Are you still alive?", and oh, how well she pretended for amusement's sake (surely?) to be disappointed as my noble eyes did open.

  4. Hi Sean

    Haven't been here for ages.

    Yes, the Don only 13! I must admit he's not wearing well.

    Oh, I see what you did. So he's really 67! Now he looks his age!

  5. I can see how Seanso got 13 but have no idea how Clumsy Calum got 67. He may be singing in the cuckooberry tree, or it may just be his age.

  6. Don

    5 + 8 = 13

    6 + 7 = 13

    But then you knew that!

  7. Ashley,
    if he says that that's a helmet I suggest that you agree. :)

    well the ladies may have given him magic potions; Dulcinea that is, and Aileen.

    Lots of good health upon you, dear Don, and always keep at least one eye on the ladies.

    Ah, Calum,
    7+6, 8+5, 9+4 – the Don is 13, that counts.
    Interestingly, while I use to be so much older than him, in five months and three days I shall become seven years younger than him.

    Andrew, Calum,
    I suggest you meet at any 19th hole. :)

  8. I love that very clever previously frowned upon smiley in the sky ;-)

  9. If I do remember correctly, CherryPie, Venus, Jupiter and Moon joined for this very smile over the Philippines, a while ago.

  10. Ah... the days when my only enemies were mere emoticons, even if in the heavens, and typos and... others I even forget! Now I am fighting much tougher fiends, especially the Demon Glumnosity that makes good people frown. I have been whacking glum people on the head, including my noble self, for many months now. The local constabulary were so pleased with my noble efforts I was awarded several free nights accommodation in their own hotel. It was more basic than a noble Don is used to, but I was of course too noble to point that out, for the gesture was so kind. Now cheer up everybody or I will smack you on the head until you smile.

  11. I am 4 minutes away from a daring departure by the way. Watch my noble blog at 00.00 hours for webcam shots as I go...

  12. I see the dear Don remembered the supposed evils of the emoticons!!

    And from his last comment I hope Aileen isn't going to whisk him away from us!!

  13. Calum, Aileen has examined my roots with a setsquare and she says I am 3364.

    Such an age! That must be why I am so wise.

    And in her 5 dimensions I am 656356768!

    Now I understand why I sometimes feel so old.

  14. Odd that I'm only 6 now...

    Is the windmill turning backwards?

    1. Nah. Onwards. Obviously.
      Proof: Currently being 7, I am soon to become 8.