Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Gate is Open

Lilac Invitation


  1. An enticing invitation. I wonder what is beyond the garden gate...

  2. I hope you don't mind that I have copied this picture to look at when the desire arises. I awoke to a massive bunch of lilacs left my a friend the morning after my son was born. They have been my favourites ever since.

  3. Fantastic photo. Really wonderful.

    Although... I actually cannot decide if that gate is just half open, or half shut ("half" being a rough approximation... obviously.)

    It's not easy being and awkward pedant, in amongst so many other quests, but I do my best in every noble calling that calls me.

  4. CherryPie,
    on Monday I went to take some photos of "the behind".
    One of the other days you will see. :)

    You're welcome, Claude.

    Thank you Susan.
    Had you not told, I'd not have noticed it. As copyright is not being respected by too many I don't claim any on this blog.

    What a lovely thought, anyway, to know that there is "something of me" you might look at 'when the desire arises".
    As this is lilac time, you gave birth to your son in May?

    Don QuiScottie,
    this gate is even more than half open or half closed – it's redundant; it has lost it's function. . . . Obviously. :)
    As 'said' above, to CherryPie, there might be some photos one of the other days.

  5. "this gate is even more than half open or half closed – it's redundant; it has lost it's function"

    So what should we call a gate that is no longer a gate? Hmm. Such things can trouble me deeply, if I let them, especially when in metaphor-mode.

  6. ... trouble me almost as much as your 2nd apostrophe :)

  7. Ha ha ha, of course, it's its, not it's!

  8. Ah, such things that vexed me in the past are mere trivia now as I sit astride my magnificent mighty new steed Apocalypse and wonder... whether tis nobler in the mind to ride out and fix the world... or to take arms against it and... destroy...

    Rocinante is in the pension pasture looking on in terror. And Dulcinea looks rather concerned as well.

    Sorry for taking over your blogspace to discuss my new steed, but with Apocalypse beneath me I am sure I can now take over anything I want.

  9. Oh, Don QuiScottie, you exchanged Rocinante with Apocalypse?! Next you'll exchange Dulcinea with Calypso, eh?
    Tsk, tsk . . . and with Calypso beneath you ... oh, oh if only not Apacalypse will be upon you, then. [colon + right parenthesis]

  10. Exchange Dulcinea?

    Never! Go wash your mouth out with carbolic soap and purge your system with garlic and hot chili peppers.

    Apocalypse beneath me is mighty fine, but Dulcinea... (Ah now I do blush and nobly desist from pursuing the musings...)

  11. Ahem! Having gone washing my mouth out with carbolic soap and purging my system with (fresh) garlic and hot chili peppers, dear Don.
    May Dulcinea be upon you. :)
    The peace of the night to both, her and you.

  12. Uff, Ashley,
    with 95 days delay: Same taste, yours and mine, eh? :)