Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chapeau, Mr. Chomsky

If you wish to read black on white, voilà.


  1. Mr. Chomsky - You want to send to International Court, for war crimes, a Peace Prize winner? What will Mr.Nobel think?

    Thanks for the presentation. I learned a lot....

    Much love, Sean. :-)

  2. Noam Chomsky is an American national treasure with a much larger international following than in his own country.

  3. Claude,
    before certain people are trying to blame me for embedding an interview given to Russia Today: Almost the same Chomsky said in an interview with a German station, but as I am blogging in English ...

    Obviously, Susan. :)

  4. If anybody is blaming you for anything, it can't be me. I enjoyed this presentation very much.

  5. Ah, Claude, I know. :)
    These lines were just for the unknown stupids.

  6. Thanks for clarifying, Sean. Maybe I'm over sensitive presently, but your lines (for the unknown stupids) were just under my name...:)

  7. :) It spared me update or extra post. :)

  8. "There didn’t have to be that degree of militarization of the area. Maybe there did, maybe not."

    This is "The father of modern linguistics" speaking?

    I find it hard to get past the crazy celebrity culture around his type.

    The sensible words have been spoken better by so many others.

  9. Anyone ever actually tried to read and understand what Chomsky had to say about language? Bloody hell! I know that is not the topic of this post, but still, I look at The Emperor and I see no clothes.

    Damn the Drones though.

  10. Alright, Andrew, next time I shall not embed a video of a mediocre leftie. Next time I shall ask you first for the better alternatives.
    Or not.

    And now, just to make sure:
    I am but a bloody German, you see.
    And I don't have the fucking time to put every of my thoughts into your language.
    Got it?
    This is no post about fucking linguistic. And no post about Chomsky.
    Bloody hell! Sometimes I think you are under-worked.
    The peace of the night.

  11. I was quoting Chomsky's words, not yours Sean. There was no criticism of your words

    Why for goodness sake are you telling me that you are "a bloody German"? Did I say or infer any such thing?

    I shall go. You display some very troubling traits when you do not get fine agreement (even though I did agree with your central point).


  12. I ought not to use a keyboard, especially when tired; and as obviously I am even unable to explain why I am so annoyed whenever noticing that my English is not good enough for an interesting discourse about complex matters, I do just ask you to forgive me, Andrew.
    I did not intend to hurt you.

  13. It was not your English that I was criticizing, but that of the celebrated Mr Chomsky. Nor was I even disagreeing with the point of the post, but was agreeing with it as I stated.

    Nevertheless. I shall desist, as I have no interest in commenting if my comments my cause anger and angst, and increasingly on several recent occasions, they clearly have.

    My Good Wishes to you Good Man.

  14. ...and, over my slumped retreating shoulders. I will throw in the "a" of "may" to fix my own words...

  15. Uff! I know that you did not criticise my English. :)
    And angst? Ha. German Angst even, hm? :)
    Here, as happens not seldom, I got asked to help someone with something, and in the meantime you have thrown in the missing 'a'.
    Thus here with some delay the answer to above's question(s):
    Nah. :)

    And now to close this chapter: Maybe, both we need a little rest on one of CherryPie's benches.
    Peace upon us. :)

  16. Well, it's Friday night here in Australia, and sadly I have nothing better to do than check out a link to which I was directed. I am totally confused.

    So, I have no idea what this is all about. Is Sean an Irish man or a German, and does it matter at all? Funnily enough, I've just realised that I have instinctively read your name as 'Keating', one of Australia's more charismatic, former politicians.

    Claude, are you Susan? Have I entered a parallel universe? Obviously, you people have been communicating for a long time and have some secret code, to which I am not privy.

    Alternatively, I am just thick and can't decipher the secret code. This is very possible, and I'm not even being self-deprecating.

    Whatever, good luck guys. Have fun.
    And, I'm not blaming anybody for anything. Ever.

  17. Uff! What a shame, Mylady,
    nothing better to do you had than checking out a link on a Friday night? May I assure my deep sympathy?
    As for your first question: It does.
    As for Mr. eating with a K before: He's a few years older than Mr. eating with a J before.
    As for question three: I do not know. You are far from being wrong, though, with your assumption that 'we people' have been communicating for relatively a long time.
    Well, and as you're fishing for a compliment: Someone with such nice a turn of phrase is certainly rather slim :) and able to decipher any code.
    Whatever, a most pleasant weekend for you downunder. May you have lovelier things to do than feeling the need to follow silly links. Good luck. Ever.

  18. I think I may have found a suitable bench where we can 'sit and rest a while'. It may even have that beautiful Friday sky (from your latest post) above it.

    I have now positioned in the appropriate place at 'Cherie's Place' ;-)


  19. Not fishing for compliments, just dipping my toe into the water, trying to work out if you lot even like each other. I still don't know.

    Sean, you have to be Irish if you get annoyed and then can't remember the reason. Racist remark alert! Except that many of my dearest friends are Irish....'I'm not racist but....', springs to mind.

    Chat amongst yourselves guys. I've just found a great bench, but Cherie is stretched out there. As soon as she rouses herself, I will have a lie down.


  20. Ha ha, CherryPie, had there not been Suzie's comment in the meantime, I'd asked for a bank of my own, as I suppose Andrew needs to stretch out.
    Anyway, it does indeed look like a nice place for the three of us to sit and rest a while. :)

    Suzie,according to your theory I can't be Irish as I can always remember what caused my annoyance.
    May no one disturb you whilst you're lying on the very bench. The peace of the night.