Sunday, June 16, 2013

Scum in uniform

Kneeling terrorist
Defender of Democracy
is teaching her love


  1. Looking at this picture and remembering similar ones, I can't help but think the most wounded are the ones with the weapons.

  2. C'est la nuit qu'il est beau de croire à la lumière. (Chanteclerc: Rostand)

  3. Having had and sometimes still tending to have very similar thoughts, Susan, I wonder whether such thoughts are intellectual rubbish.
    Many people do have a loveless, often even horrible childhood, and still most of them would not become criminals, thugs, ruthless politicians, policemen or whatever.
    That is why, I do feel no pity with that 'wounded' scum of a policeman. May he become very very old, and may his rotting testicles cause him increasing pain.

    interesting to compare this thug in uniform with Rostand's chantecler. :)
    However, just an intellectual bonmot. It's us who are smiling. This thug would not understand. He might just offer you some pepper spray. Smilingly, perhaps, as his humour is different from (y)ours.