Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday is Skyday

Leaning back to watch the sky
sometimes I try to count
how often those responsible for the politics
of the United States
have crossed a red line.

Recently I heard a peace-loving person murmur:
Isn't Obama but a fucking terrorist, himself?


  1. The picture is most beautiful.

    The answer is yes.

  2. Splendid sky.

    I lost hope for America.

  3. Evil, corrupt, murdering, torturing, bullshitting, blustering, lying, cheating nasty little animals with inflamed neurons and fancy clothes on breeding like a pestilence and despoiling a world... under a lovely sky. Sigh.

    All God's children though, I am told.

  4. (and some of my friends) we ain't that bad, God. Please, remember us!

  5. The sky at least is beautiful even though it gives cause to ponder on more ugly things.

  6. My worry Dear Claude, is that any God may be be even worse than us, based on the evidence that I see in its alleged creations. The general supposition of benevolence puzzles me. Better to hope there is nobody there, perhaps, for sufficient unto ourselves is the evil thereof (to adapt a phrase)

  7. Oh... In case the US NSA are looking in (and perhaps they will be now that I've just said that) I was referring to humanity in my first comment, not specifically Americans. I, of course, am close to perfect (if occasional blustering, bullshitting, and lying can be overlooked...).

  8. Anybody who allegedly created my grandsons is good.

    Humanity which encompasses my grandsons is good.

    No bullshitting, no blustering, no lying in them. As near to perfection as one is allowed to be, specially when they sing with the Winnipeg Boys'Choir.

  9. Susan,

    America can prettily live without your hope.
    It's God's own country, after all, isn't it? :)

    Well, Andrew, no need to complain: We let it be, don't we?

    To answer the other comments it is fortunately too late. Pillow calling. :)
    The peace of the night.