Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Freeing Turkey from Justice

[No language skills necessary] 

An excellent coverage of what happens in Turkey offers Professor Erkan Saka's Field Diary.


  1. If I recall it correct, Erkan was a fierce supporter of Ergenekon prosecutions as well as other AKP operations. It is good to see that his opinions have changed. Unfortunetaly, only after things get worse and worse everyday.

  2. It is a very worrisome development, Claude.

    Ha, dear Jedi, not lost superhero, my Turkish seanachie, good to "see" you. I hope you and yours are safe and well.

    Yes, I remember that you and Erkan disagreed here and there, especially when it came to the Ergenekon case.
    Unlike you I did not see him as a 'fierce supporter' of AKP as were and are quite a few others – don't get me started on Fethullah Gülen's best mouthpiece, Mustafa Akyol.
    And re-reading one of Erkan's posts that in January 2009 I re-blogged here,
    I found the last paragraph almost prophetic. It reads [emphasise mine]:
    15. This is a good lesson for some: if you politicise the law, this is what you will get. This is in turn a lesson for those who rule now: If you maintain this level of politicization, you might again become the victim of the process. Justice is needed for all, although revenge tastes good for the moment...

    Again, all the best, dear not lost Jedi. :)
    Please take good care of yourself.