Saturday, June 22, 2013

Powerful Protest

Not sure if what he did was a clever act of self promotion or a spontaneous action.
I consider this kind of protest more powerful than any kind of violence.

 The video above reminded me of the so-called Tank Man.
When I posted the video made on June 5th, 1989 I prefered to call him Peaceman.

Going back to watch the embedded video again I had to learn that thanks to a certain nonprofit organisation, a so-called WGBH Educational Foundation it is not to be seen anymore.
Obviously making money is more worthwhile than educating. 


  1. There still are some copies of the Peaceman videos on youtube. I watched one just a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, you're right about more stuff that should be open to everyone disappearing behind paywalls.

    Gandhi was right all along.

  2. Ah, Susan,
    when noticing "my" video's no longer available I checked and found the others, which were slightly different, though.

    And, please, forgive me, my dear: [Even] Gandhi was pretty far from being right all along. :)

    Uff! I am [slightly] often told I do sound aggressive, even rude whenever I am trying to politely tell that I am not entirely of the same opinion. :)
    Need I mention I am not as nasty as sometimes I might sound? :)

    thank you in the name of the protester(s).

  3. At 21.30, there was a police intervention against that peaceful crowd....I put the Before and After photos (from Erkan' Field Diary) on my Facebook page.

    Heartbreaking and terrifying...
    Can't people just stand in a Square without being pursued? Who are the terrorists in that story?

  4. and I have a tendency to over-generalize for which I apologize.

    None of us are perfect but he did make some extraordinary efforts to make things better.