Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Beers & Books CCLVXXX – John Hume

Difference is of the essence of humanity.
Difference is an accident of birth and should therefore
never be the source of hatred or conflict.
The answer to difference is to respect it.
Therein lies a most fundamental principle of peace:
respect for diversity.

John Hume (18 January 1937 – 3 August 2020)


  1. It is my firm belief that the infinitely creative Almighty made all of us different for good reasons and it is our job to cherish one another.

    1. "The most pious man can't stay in peace
      If it doesn't please his evil neighbour."
      Friedrich Schiller, Wilhelm Tell, Act IV, sc. iii

  2. Les diferències ens fan especials, únics. Ens connecten amb la diversitat, la natura, la meravella de l'existència i el misteri de la vida, de l'Univers. Des de les diferències podem aprendre a respectar-nos, entendre'ns i estimar-nos... humanitzar-nos.

    Aferradetes, Sean.

  3. Different is good and should be respected. Too much crap in the world because some people don't like diversity.

  4. Difference--respect it and learn from it!