Friday, October 09, 2009

Alternative to "Busting Bunkers"


  1. OMG...oops!...OMS -
    'Busting Bunkers' and the 'Alternative', give me goose bumps...The lady is a good singer though. But the words (and the repetitive Amens) are picturing a very scary world.

    As for 'Busting Bunkers', will it ever stop? How can you control nuclear weapons, if you keep adding to them? On which authority can you tell another country to stop if you don't do it yourself? If you use nuclear to destroy nuclear, don't you compound the destruction? And annul it?

    I have enough of this. I'm frightened...

    That's all I needed to say!

  2. Sean, :)

    I didn't mean that I had enough of this post.

    I meant I have enough of the proliferation of nuclear arms.

    And then, countries who have them sign agreements not to use them.
    Totally ridiculous.

    Stop perfecting them. Destroy them all. It's the only solution.

  3. Yegods I haven't seen Breaking Glass in years!

  4. Claudia,
    whatever you and I and others fear and/or hope:
    You can't say civilization don't advance. ... for in every war they kill you another way. [Will Rogers]

    same with me. The idea to post it came with the previous post.