Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The McGonagalls of Tunes

As everybody knows Omnium, which means all, thus everyone and everything, demand(s) a statue for William Topaz McGonagall, who can rightfully claim to be the world's worst poet ever, only - to a certain degree - challenged by a certain James McIntyre, whose Ode on a Mammon Cheese I warmly commend to read here.

One of the Tayside Tragedian's uncounted masterpieces you will find offered by Jams O'Donnell Esq, the master of The Poor Mouth; and don't miss the poetry slam in the comment section, which partly took place here, too.

End of the beforegoing.

Like Stephen Hawking is trying to find the Theory of Everything (ToE) the esteemed Mr Goatman asks "What is ART?" Precisely: Does there exist a definition? Is it possible to define ART?

I suggest a study trip to Edinburgh, as in McGonagalltown he might find some essential tesserae for his ToA (Theory of Art).

Ah, no more words
See and - above all - listen yourself.

Here's The Really Terrible Orchestra (RTO)



  1. Thank you, Sean.:)

    All your links are so interesting, and fun! Great to see that creativity (at any level!) can be appreciated.

    I clapped hands louder than anyone when listening to the RTO's few videos. It could be because it's the only place where I might have been asked to play a piano solo, once or twice. I truly admire musicians who never give up a dream.

    I wrote a poem once which started,
    My words of praise are not for you, Shakespeare, Beethoven and other famous men. My words of praise are for all the unknown people who try.

    What is art? It's what an artist has to express in order to breathe.

  2. Claudia,
    ... well, fun it certainly was, and a serious contribution to "What is Art?".

    Or so ...