Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordy Wednesday VII

Hm. Those who decided to bear me for the past two years will remember.
After a long interval - and lots of drafts ha ha ha ha - I think it's time for a revival of what once I decided to call Wordy Wednesday.

What's different? The blogger being less "wordy". :)


- a bit of poetry for the beginning. Ahh! And by no means let make yourself angry.

- what's to be said about Mr Polanski's supporters?

- in case you did not ever hear about (literally) fucking priests.

- in case you are not sure what's lynching.

- You don't have a Law Breakers Union, yet?


  1. What a great idea, Sean! To discover new blogs, or to catch up with posts that one might have missed.

    As I wasn't around when you started Wordy Wednesday, I have also five of your past posts to regale myself with.

    I guess it's never too late to comment if the spirit moves me. Many thanks for the enjoyable time you're giving me by sharing your friends' interesting presentations.

  2. Claudia,
    as you mentioned them I checked earlier WWs; and, indeed, quite a few, actually most posts have lost nothing of their quality.
    Seems I keep it with the German publisher Peter Suhrkamp who once in a letter (basically) stated: "Is what's written today just attuned to the moment, so that it has to be published, immediately?" :)

    Would be nice, indeed, to learn which posts you find remarkable, even after almost two years.

  3. Sean -
    If you don't mind, I will start with your WW VII remarkable offerings. We never make a mistake when we read D.E., WWW, Jams, and Hans. The posts that you have chosen point to the decadent morality which is so prevalent in today's world.

    Amazing that those blogs (and not spiritual and godly (?) leaders) have expressed so clearly the wrongness of some outrageous lifestyle adopted by very public people. That it's nearly approved (or shamelessly hidden) by authorities is incredibly depressing. I'm grateful for your friends' indignation and rectification.

    I didn't think that I would ever meet and share a Bedouin's anger. Qumsiyeh and I have much in common. Thank you for his fascinating 'Human Rights Web.'