Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Italian is a beautiful language.

Imagine an Italian speaking ...

f.e., the word clandestini.

Clan - des - ti - ni.

Ah, it's music, isn't it?

Well, the right voice, and il - le - gal(e) sounds sweet as well, hm?

Illegal(e) is just another word for clandestino, clandestina, clandestini.

Völkerwanderung (wandering of the people) is a / the German word for migration.

Ever heard about the migration period?


Do you remember what Deng Xiaoping once offered Jimmy Carter when the US-President insisted on speaking about human rights?
How many Chinese do you wish me to let accompany you on your return-flight? Ten millions? Fifty millions? 100 millions?
It is said that Mr Carter immediately changed the topic.

Clandestini - illegals.

A very very difficult topic. And very a complex one.

Too complex for me to put all aspects into a short post.

Yesterday I heard a song, though. The CD's title: Clandestini.

Don't know why, but immediately I thought of some posts by
Welshcakes Limoncello.
There have been quite a few about this topic in recent years, but when reading this one from April 14th (The sea has no generosity) and this one from June 17th ( (
Il silencio del mare), you will almost know what I think about one aspect.

And, although it is / seems nowadays but a platitude, I like it:
Everyone is illegal - almost everywhere.

In this sense: Here's
Manu Chao.


  1. An excellent song and an issue that will never go away. not while there are huge gradients of injustice between north and south

  2. Jams,
    and not shall we solve this problems, before we have abandoned the injustice in the North.

  3. That song is so deeply sad and poignant. "To run is my destiny..."

    We all need a place where we belong, where we are welcome. It can be hard, but also fun, to migrate for a change of scenery, or to open a virgin land, as it was done in the New World. But if you're running away to escape poverty and death, it's so difficult. And tragically, we (the settled citizens) do not always welcome immigrants with warmth and generosity. Specially if they are illegals...

    We have a long way to go to accept aliens in our heart, and to treat them as human beings with the right to a little corner of our privileged land.

  4. Claudia,
    not to talk about the fun felt by those conquering the new world - which, by the way, was no 'virgin island' - and who would not give a dime for generosity: You are right.