Sunday, October 25, 2009

A wonder! A wonder!

02:55 a.m. - burglar enters a house.

02:57 a.m.- police gets an alarm call.

19 minutes later the burglar is caught.

Policeman: You have been identified at 02:56 a.m. burg....

Burglar [interruping]: Impossible.

Policeman: ?

Burglar [showing his watch]: It's 02:16 a.m.

Policeman (if clever): Well, rather I'd say we caught a thief 39 minutes before he committed his crime.

- - -

Clocked back? :)

Have a nice winter-time.


  1. Not clocking back till November 1st in Canada.

    Then, deep hibernation and beloved sleep till March 2010. My cave is ready...I just come out, now and again, with a few growls in winter-time.

    All the best, and much sun, to Seanhenge-under-snow.:)

  2. I missed the announcements of winter time, so woke up too early...(

  3. Even with the extra hour I still managed to oversleep!

  4. Ach Sergeant I am sure Constable Fox or even De Selby ( a citizen's arest in his case) could have done so with ease on any day!

  5. For a moment I thought Seanhenge had been burgled! After the relief, an amusing story. I wonder if Dirk Gently was involved in the capture.

    Many happy returns of the season(s), Sean.

  6. Claudia,
    see, thus Canada for a couple of days is one hour closer to Europe. :)

    Sometimes, I'd wish to be a bear or a groundhog, and at the same being able to sleep less. So much to do, so much to live. :)

    As for snow: We did not have much in recent years. And once you had to drive at least 200 kilometres on a daily basis you could easily do without.

    ... and did the early Dutch catch a worm? :)

    and still you won one hour back. :)

    and I was so proud, before you torpedoed my 'ego'.
    Hm, coming to think of it: Your remark does - unfortunately - not lack of correctness.

    ha! At least one friend who worried, and thank you very much for your good wishes.

    And here I am outing myself: I had to look up Dirk Gently to learn that he is a protagonist of Douglas Adams.
    A severe gap in education that ought to be bridged?

  7. Not a severe gap, Sean, but an enjoyable excursion (or two) into detective fiction with a quantum mechanical flavour, and the kind of mad wit at which Douglas Adams excelled.