Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A gem for Joyceans ...

... and those (perhaps / hopefully) to come.
Praised be Chris god-free Morals for sending me the link(s) to following gem(s), t
aken from a series called "Great Modern Writers".


  1. Thank you Sean! I just watched this and found lots to enjoy in it. The flavour, fun and fantastic ambition of Ulysses are difficult to convey in an hour of television (or YouTube, as the case may be), but the makers of this documentary did an admirable job. Apparently it's from a UK Channel 4 series on great writers. This is the first I had heard of it.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Sean! I must find a spare hour or so to digest it all now...

  3. I had never heard of the series, more's the pity. I definitely need to spend time drinking this in!

  4. A gem!

    Will I ever understand Ulysses? I doubt it. I just plunge into it like in the sea, and let the tide carry me for a while, and then stop to catch my breath. Till the next time...

    My son has 6-7 Ulysses. Years ago, I asked him why. Different forewords and annotations in each, was the answer. I'll certainly offer him your few posts on James Joyce.

    Thanks, Sean.:) For both of us.

  5. Claudia, dear heart,

    Worry not for a complete understanding of Ulysses, this nonsense task is purposefully frustrated by Joyce himself. Think only this, it is but a simple tale, in part, a journey, but in the main, a reflection on what is most important to us all. Love.

    When I found this on youtube, I knew Sean and his *ahem* 'flock' would heartily enjoy it.


    P.S. for those that care whether I live or die, I have found my calling not as a farmer but as a tailor. for now.

  6. Stan,
    so glad that a) you took the time, and b) enjoyed what you watched.
    I think when two people read "Ulysses" they will keep different episodes in their mind.
    Example: One reader does remember Bloom's thoughts when after Dignams funeral thinking of rats.
    Oh, his disappointment when this epidode's "defrauded" in a / the film.
    Knowing this, a film maker might :) pray: "A kingdom for choosing the right episodes".
    All this just to agree with you: And admirable job they did.

    just do it! Very probably you will not regret. What about tomorrow morning, and if it were just to recover from all the horror films you are going to watch tonight. :)

    it's undoubtedly the proper drink on the morning after a Robyn Hitchcock concert..

    ... Chris said it all ... :)

    good to see you!
    Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

    As for tayloring: You should write a post about this, philosopher!!
    And, by the way. What about a Harris Tweed jacket?

  7. So good to hear from you, Chris. As always, with the right answer.:)

    For one joyful moment there, when I saw your name on Sean's post, I thought you might be back.

    Ah! well...I'm sure that whatever you're doing, it is done philosophically well. All the best, dear heart.:)

  8. Back? I've never been gone. :)

    Although, it is true that my blog is no more. Whatever happens next none but fate knows, hopefully it is a happier end than I foresee.

    If anyone needs a tailored man's shirt then do let me know. Or some philosophy, I can do that as well...

  9. @ Chris- How can I let you know? You erased the only way I ever had to reach you...All the best, friend.:)

  10. I have email Claudia. You are welcome to stay in contact that way, if you like. It's on my profile page (just click on my name)