Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Fairy Tales ...

for viola (Yuri Bashmet) and piano (Mikhail Mutian).


  1. Thanks, Sean. First time of hearing. Lovely.

    I'll listen to other music tomorrow.

  2. Ah, Calum,
    glad you enjoyed this very piece, the more as I am pretty sure you are much more a 'lover' and expert of music than I am.

    Ha, and once noticing the chance of easily getting rid of my bad conscience, 'once and forever': Your daily 'music in the morning' is on the best way to become a ritual for my mug of coffee and me; and one day I shall hopefully be (even) able to 're-organise' my Sunday mornings.
    Thank you.

  3. It was my first time too, last evening. And I keep going back, going back...It does sound like a fairy tale! Great choice, Sean.:) Thank you!

    I also love Calum's Music Posts. I'm so lucky!

  4. Sean, Thank you for your very kind words but I think you'd be surprised at my lack of knowledge of music.

    I love music now and I listen to whatever whenever I can.

    .... thank you.

    Claudia, Thank you too.