Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I don't know the reason why ...

... but I'll (probably) continue blogging.

Hm ... a guitar's music does not mean more to me, than any other woman I have known.
Still, some of the following lyrics (latest when replacing songs by posts) will let sense those of you who know me why I thought this is not an ideal but quite a fitting post after three years blogging.


  1. Three years? COngratualtions Sean. I hope there will be many more to come

  2. Stay in orbit, good man.

  3. Happy Omniversary, Sean! It's a bittersweet song for a bittersweet world.

  4. Jams,
    thanks, my friend.
    Yes, three years. By only recently commenting on my very first post Andrew - so to speak - reminded me of that it June 1st, 2007 when Omnium began. :)
    Gosh, time flies. Many more years to come would (therefore) not be too bad; and if it were to assure myself (and others) that I was still staaying (alive) in the orbit and thus obeying ...

    ... :) ...

    ... Andrew.
    I'll do my very best, hoping that it will be (considered) good enough.
    There are many quests lying ahead for Don QuiScottie & Seanso Pansa, myriads of conundrums to solve and hopefully ... many good questions to be asked.

  5. Ah Stan,
    our thoughts were so to speak crossing.
    Thank you for presenting me with another lovely word.
    Yes, it's bittersweet a song. Strange I chose it, as these days I do feel pretty close to my prefered state of mind - a state of calm serenity respectively serene calmness ... which is the state in which I can best ponder and write about things that make me furious.

  6. Congratulations, Sean,

    Keep wandering with your guitar.

  7. Thank you very much, Calum.
    Hope I shall be able not only to keep wandering but improve my skills re playing my guitar which contains of 26+x strings, better known as letters. :)

  8. Keep up the good work Sean!


  9. Bittersweet and beautiful. Life is an endless adventure, isn't it?

    Happy Omniversary.

  10. Congratulations, I am looking forward to the next three.

  11. Susan,
    indeed, life is, amongst others, bittersweet and beautiful, but fortunately (?) not endless.
    Thank you very much for your good wishes. Reading the word for the second time ... yes ... what nice a word - Omniversary. :)

    Thank you. Quite a few times I was close to end this adventure, as I think, the essential things have been written. I was / am not sure, though, if I could bear missing those I met and who became more and more dear to me. :)
    So as long as there are gardens to explore ... :)