Monday, June 14, 2010

Variatio delectat

Don't let disturb yourself by this blog's varying appearance. 
I might be a bit experimenting for a while.
After all, change is part of Omnium, too, hm?


  1. Change is in the air....

    I hope you like me knew look too...

  2. Nevin,
    lots of changes, I suppose; and if I have my way ...

    Yes. :)

  3. WOW! I've seen two new changes in one hour. Keep at it, Sean. I love it.:)

  4. @Nevin - Great look. Love the colourful leaves.:)

  5. Have you changed the title of the blog?????

  6. Claudia,
    I fear it will take some time, until I might be pleased with what I see. Presently I am not.
    However, as long as you love it ... :)

    not the blog's title but only the template and the header.
    Suppose, with respect for my laziness I should have left everything as it was ...

  7. Everything is always changing, and experiments are almost always worthwhile. I very much like the new template and its colours, and I like the header even though it's too big for my browser!

  8. Ah, Stan,
    thanks a lot for the feedback! Glad you like what you see.

    Re 'too big for your browser': Scaling down would not help?

    I think the header is altogether far too big. I'd prefer the size of the 'original' header, but did not yet find a fitting photo.
    Thus, the experiment will be continued.
    And your feedback and advice is / will be most appreciated, Stan.

  9. It's probably something I could address at my end, Sean. It fits a little better in Internet Explorer, for example, but I'm not converting! Anyway, it's perfectly readable and not a problem at all — let it not interfere with your experiments! Since I've never used blogspot, I don't know how its scaffolding works.

  10. That tree does look a bit disturbingly windmillish to me, just waiting for the wind to blow and let it wave its branches wildly at me... Bad dreams tonight for Don Quiscottie

  11. I love the new look I see at the moment :-)