Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Poet(s) of Love


  1. Dear Sean - I told you once how I met Schumann and Heine, in my youth.

    Those extraordinary videos bring back such warm memories. Our little group was, of course, amateurish. But I like to believe that, somehow, the poet and the composer might have appreciated our performances.

    The four videos here are so artfully presented, and the music so magnificent. They have to be heard and seen many times to fully discover their richness.

    Thank you for this generous offering, Sean. It gives me much joy.:)

  2. I will not give up, Sean. The link was http:tetrapilotomie.blogpost.com/2010/02/long-live-heine.html

    Let me add (about Schumann's Lieders) that the reason, I truly loved playing them with the singers, is that he always gave as much importance to the piano as to the voice. The pianist wasn't just a background for the singer. He wrote little piano soli in the lieder. And, often, the piano had a beautiful finale.

    I think he might have done this because himself had been a pianist, and his wife was a brilliant piano soloist. In this Salzburg festival, it's worth paying as much attention to the pianist as to the excellent baritone. And the viewing is fascinating. Thanks, again.