Thursday, June 03, 2010

I don't ask for empathy

... either you feel it, or you don't.


  1. I posted this particular video on my blog a few months ago.... I love blasting it real loud in my car and listening to it that way.... pretty amazing....

    also, I must say.... a very smart and subdued way to give a message....

  2. Noempathy then!

    Thanks for the music.

  3. Nevin - gosh, obviously I missed your posting. Oh well, for the past few months I've been quite busy with not visiting much - even busier than usual.

    Re your remark. It made me smile. You are right. The title's pretty misunderstandable, to say the least, hm? :)
    Actually I did not ask for empathy with me. Rather it was addressed at those who would find this kind of music too sweet, too kitschy.

    Calum - :)

    Mr. Gray - welcome to Omnium and thank you.
    It's always a pleasure to meet contemporaries who within 26 seconds are able to give such a profound diagnose.

  4. Very spectacular.....

    To feel in us
    To feel in us
    a reason
    not to stay alone
    in that strong embrace.
    I feel the sea
    in our voice.
    There's a cry of someone who dreams
    of navigating
    the ruddy sails of this love.
    In the distance the crazy barques loses its way.

    (Just because I like to understand some of the lyrics if I enjoy the song.)