Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Solution

After the uprising of the 17th of June*
The Secretary of the Writers Union
Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
Stating that the people

Had thrown away the confidence of the government

And could win it back only

By redoubled efforts.
Would it not be easier

In that case for the government

To dissolve the people

And elect another?

Bertold Brecht

* choose any date and location you wish


  1. WHat a wry comment on an appalling event.

    Still I daresay there are many governments that feel that way aboput their electorates... but not Iran or Burma...

  2. Did Bertold write this before or after he accepted Russian honours from his communist friends? Just curious...

    I'm missing the birds which fly on your new sky. As soon as I click, they come, and then go very fast. Is this part of the scene? I like the tree very much. :)

  3. Jams,
    quite! It would not make everything easier for Senior General Than Shwe and Mr. Ahmadinedschad & Co..
    If everybody agreed to their stupidity they would need to think about whom they could supress, imprison, torture and kill, hm?

    as far as I 'know' it took him a while to write those lines.

    By the way, I tried to satisfy your curiosity almost exactly 15 months ago.

    As for the tree. I am pretty sure no villager visiting this blog by accident would recognise it. It's just a tree everyone would could see when leaving the village.
    What birds are you talking about?

  4. Yes! I remember that post. Actually, I tried to link it (no success) in my comment as I didn't want to repeat what I think of Bertold. I couldn't find anywhere if he remained a communist sympathiser after that fateful date. The Solution is a very ambiguous piece of writing. I'm not too sure on which side he is leaning.

    RE: Birds...3 of them, top right of the new visual Omnium. When I click to open the blog, I see them for ONE second, and they're gone. Am I hallucinating??? ;-)

  5. @Claudia, Shean
    In fact they are four birds, top right.
    They stay with me, that is, they don´t vanish.
    Well Claudia, maybe one of your ancesters bore a grudge against birds and well, you see what happens... or maybe that's too African a thought, or too calvinist.


  6. Bertus - Thanks so much for writing. I'm so relieved that the birds I see for one second are truly there for you! I have no problems accepting that there could be a spiritual explanation for their flying away from me. I believe in leftovers (residuals) from the past. We're all somehow connected. And our actions follow us.

    I'm not going to worry about it. I've always fed birds in wintertime. It's true that, until Sean taught me about proper birdfood (see One Apple a Day. Feb.4-2010) I might have made a few of them sick with my bread, but last winter, I gave them proper food. I'm sure that they forgave me for the past mistakes. Maybe Sean's birds don't like Canada and prefer The Netherlands. That's why they stay with you, Bertus. Please, say "Hi!" for me. :)

  7. I don't want to worry you all, but I can see 6 birds in the top right!!

  8. I also see four birds top right, and mine don't go anywhere either.

  9. Bertus, Claudia, Ruth, CherryPie,
    interesting. Thanks.
    As I don't like such kind of gimmicks, I had scaled up (crtl + +) until the header filled the screen, and therefore for a moment got irritated when you mentioned the birds.
    By the way, repeatedly scaling down (crtl + -] you'd even get six birds, but would probably need a magnifier to read posts and comments. :)