Thursday, June 03, 2010

What a voice

Am I sad, tonight? Do I feel sentimental?
How could one who'd now and then be considered (ice-)cold, heartless, selfish, feel ... Fado-esque?

Ah, don't wonder, don't ponder.
Just open your ears, listen ... and agree: What a voice.


  1. Thanks for the music. Sean, you are an enigma!

  2. A remarkable voice. Thanks for the introduction, Sean.

  3. Calum,
    you are very welcome.
    And :) thanks for what I do take as a lovely compliment.

    until the other evening I had not heard anything by Dulce Pontes, either.

    Her new CD was introduced on my favourite culture-program that due to a changed daily routine for the past two months I don't often get the chance to watch.
    So I count myself lucky, and thought I ought to share my luck. :)

  4. Same goes for me, Jams.
    I think as mostly listening to and enjoying (!) a certain genre of music depends on one's mood.

    Now don't I tend to be very moody. Perhaps, I do rather judge by what pleases my ears ...

  5. Claude,
    impressive ... her voice and the video, hm?
    Glad you enjoyed.