Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sweet Nothings (?)

Why would one not be surprised that Luc Bondy's interpretation of  Arthur Schnitzler's Liebelei in Austria would get this (i.e. "Not more than a sweet Nothing") and that roasting(s).

As a man who is not immune against arrogance, purism, smugness. vanity etc., I am not.
After all, above mentioned traits are part of Omnium, hm? :)*

By the way, Judith Schmitzberger (author of above's this and Sophia Felbermair (author of above's that, are (now) part of Omnium, too. Congratulations, Myladies.

Well, arrogance, purism, smugness. vanity and utter stupidity aside:

I'd (have) like(d) to watch this, either in Northampton, Kingston, Coventry, Vienna, Recklinghausen, Madrid or ... in the Young Vic.

It seems to be a fine, an interesting approach.

* Sorry, Don QuiScottie.


  1. It's ok Seanso. You have done well, and we have had some fun :) (Oh... did even I engage in sweet sin there?) But I shall forgive you as many sm..., well... "thingys" as you wish from now onwards. I am realising there are bigger battles for me to fight, especially in that pesky place they call Real Life. Wish me (and you, nay "us") well in that struggle. Onwards to tougher quests...

  2. That comment, I presume you will appreciate, was in reference to your asteriskystarrythingy (Greek asteriskos - little star) note, of course. Did earlier brave knights once wage battle against asteriskosisty, I wonder? And even against ! and ? or , . and ; or () and &? I am wondering if my enemies should become my friends, such is the befuddlement in my knightly brain. I shall lie down now and think very very hard about who my real enemies are. And whoevere they are, they better watch out, for I am coming for the, tomorrow...

  3. Aaaaaarghhh! whoever they are, whoever they are. whoever they are, (not whoevere)

  4. coming for theM!!! not coming for the!

    Oh, the torment... Dulcinea!!!!

  5. Don QuiScottie,
    allow your humble squire who'd (sometimes) even after three days not find words that could compete with your eloquency, to cut it short: Uplifting are your words, and praised be Dulcinea to hear them more often than me.

  6. Oh, and do you see a possibility to make said enemies becoming our friends?

  7. Hmmm, let's see. I confess, Seanso, that I am currently letting a few of them cuddle me to see if we can all make up. Look:


    When I am not spearing them with sword or lance, they do seem quite harmless little peskys really. If enemies can become friends, there may be hope for this world?

  8. And is this group hug sweet friendship and happy endings, or dreadful sin?


  9. I (think I) do see your point, peace-longing knight. And how much I'd love [yes! not like, love! to be on [at?!] your side when enemies are made friends.
    Alone, although my name is not Thomas, I doubt we'll be able to convince.
    We'll have either to persuade or to subdue.
    How sad is this?
    Wish you had better an idea!

  10. "Better an idea" (or even - a better idea?)

    Yes, I do confess their smiley cuddles have made me feel quite queasy and faint... and I note that stout Seanso was even fullsomely sick. So... how about "live and let live"? I will not befriend and use them, but I will not abuse them either. And, thus freed from that petty practice war, I can mount Rocinante again and speed to do mortal combat with... the tyos! (oops, the TYPOS! - you see? They are pure black lurking evil). There is much to be done. Onward once more Rocinante, and bring that rough man on a donkey with you.

  11. Or... Instead if (of!) Tilting at Typos, Don QuiScottie may just take the armour off, lie down, rest awhile, and in the morning go to the doctor and seek help... I have an inkling Seanso, that I may have a malign fever of the head. You would tell me if you thought I was a little afflicted with the Deluded Mad, wouldn't you?