Monday, May 10, 2010

Don Quiscottie & Seanso Pansa

...are not fighting windmills.



  1. I have just spilt my wine over the sleeping beauty Dulcinea and out in the yard Rocinante has been startled awake by my scream. And you do this to me, Master Seanso, you do this to me at 00:12 on the 10th of May. The 10th of May!!!!! My birthday!!!!! 55 years in orbit round the sun and yet, the smileys lurk, the windmills whirl, and the "gift" of my supposed faithful friend Seanso throws me into despair that my work shall never be done. I am giddy, I feel queasy, I feel like giving up and...

    :):):):):):))))))) see what you have done!

  2. your post made me laugh.... :):)

    great photo!

  3. Anything which made Andrew spill his wine is great by me ... and on his birthday. That's the gap down to 5 years now. I can already hear his bones creaking a bit more.

  4. Hilarious and Andrew's comment as much so. Well done Seanso Pansa.

  5. You both play the parts so well...Are you sure you're not the reincarnation of the Spanish valorous fellows?

  6. So when's the game Calum? Wait too much longer and the gap in years will increase again, although in percentage terms I do creep closer to you every day, so what are you waiting for? Until I am 94 and you are 99 and we have to settle for a game of dominoes instead of golf? After months of victories I have been defeated on my most recent three outings, so you should take the chance while I am on a losing run.

  7. Ah I can see that there is a very happy windmill that is not being tilted at!

  8. What a happy horizon! And the foreground's pretty cheerful too.

  9. Andrew / Don Quiscottie,
    to start with the beginning: Happy birthday!
    So, four years after I became as old as the year in which I was born in past millennium's last century, you became as young as the year in which you were born in past millennium's last century.
    This makes you (almost) two years younger than I am, which might explain why now and then your squire would feel the need to calm down your juvenile fervour.

    May henceforth, nothing be able to throw you into despair, nothing be able to cause your hand getting shaky, so that never again you may spill noble drops over sleeping Dulcinea.
    I am deeply sorry that Rocinante startled awake by your scream, as this photo was posted but to document for those who would not yet have known what Don Quiscottie's & Seanso Pansa's quest is about.
    Well, and - repeating myself here - now and then dropping a sm/34&< is but part of a strategy.
    There don't exist dogmata! At least not for the two of us, hm?
    Last not least, dear Andrew, let like (Shakespeare's) Henry V did, be your comfort that old age, that ill layer-up of beauty, can do no more spoil upon your face.

    lovely to imagine you laughing.

    would you be surprised did I tell that I anticipated Andrew's reaction?

    Lady Janice,
    it's nice to imagine you smiling.

    nah! Do you really think we are but fiction?
    What about the other two were a precarnation of us?

    I knew something like this would be your response to Calum's kind words.

    your eyes are as sharp as those of an eagle.
    Did you also notice the bicycle leaning against the windmill's wall?

    glad I could animate rami zygomatici and rami buccales of nervus facialis to massively innervate your musculi risorii.
    Re the naughty symbol at the end: tonight leniency reigns - absolve te!

    The photo was taken years ago, after I had passed this very windmill for so many rape (canola) seasons that, after all, one day I stopped (on a clearway) to take a photo of what I think is an idyll.

  10. What trivial quests I used to embark upon, compared with my great challenges of today.

    Your random suggested posts below a recent one led me back here.

  11. Don QuiScottie,
    with the benefit of hindsight we can see that the windmills capitulated early, smilingly, hm? :)