Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Instead of words


  1. two posts ago you made me laugh and now (in this post) you brought tears into my eyes..... :)

    How beautiful with full of emotions.... those fingers can really talk!

  2. Excellent and very interesting.

  3. Fazil Say never plays anyone else than Fazil Say. He is very good at it, and he has so much fun. He is nearly orgasmic at the piano. Sometimes, I prefer not to watch his face. Other times, I burst out laughing. His fingers are always running to catch a train...He rewrites every composer he fails to interpret as it is written. But I think not one of them would reprove him. Certainly not Kara Toprak, in the Black Earth.

    Had a fascinating time with Fazil on YouTube, last evening. Thanks, Sean.

  4. CalumCarr.... If you knew the original song, it would make more sense I guess. Kara Toprak was written by Asik Veysel, who was one of the most prominent folk singers and writers in Turkey. He was blinded at a very early age via an illness but that didn't stop him playing amazing "saz", which is a string instrument...

    There have many musicians who interpreted this particular song in their own way. Fazil Say loves to do that as well... his interpretation is wonderful if you ask me... :)

    Here is a link about Asik Veysel.Âşık_Veysel_Şatıroğlu

  5. Nevin - I've been trying to find out, this morning, if there is a CD with Asyk Veysel. I would like very much to hear the original song as it was written. I listened to 2 other versions last evening by different artists. All have a charm and emotion on their own. But the composer himself must certainly add much depth to his wonderful song.

  6. Nevin,
    you're lovely. Thank you.
    There are times to laugh, there are times to cry, and both they are part of Omnium.

    exactly my thoughts: Excellent and very interesting.

    I (think I) see your point.
    It's not that my ears would get delighted by this very piece, but I do admire Fazil Say's virtuosity, his art of interpreting, his lust/joy to make geniuses like Mozart, Paganini etc. sound like ... like Fazil Say.

    Fazil Say never plays anyone else than Fazil Say.
    This made me smile. Spot on.
    I doubt, though, he would fail to play (not: interprete) as written.
    Anyway, I am glad you enjoy what I do enjoy.
    As for his performance/mimic: Is it show? I don't know.
    I judge his ... fingers.

  7. Claudia: this is his original voice...
    enjoy my dear... :)

  8. Nevin - Many thanks. You are truly lovely. At the moment, I wish I could speak Turkish. I went to Asyk's poems translated by very imperfect Google. But, at least, I can touch a bit the inspired soul of the walking poet and singer.

  9. @Nevin - Again thank you. It's a marvellous performance, very moving. I put it in my favourites. I will listen often to this incredible artist.

    @Sean - The word "fail" was wrong. What I meant is that Fazil transforms each composition, adding a few notes, embellishing(?), playing much faster, jazzing passages...etc. He's having fun! I'm sure that Mozart (and company) wouldn't mind at all. Fazil's fingers are in charge. Bet you Fazil cannot control them!!!! I wish I could borrow them, long distance...

    This was a great post, Sean.

  10. Nevin,
    ha!!! I was to set this very link, too. :)

    now you explained your interpretation of 'fail' I do completely agree.

  11. Very cool.
    But I agree with Claudia....better if you don't watch but just listen.

  12. Welcome, Mylady, and thank you that from now on no one can rightfully accuse Omnium of being entirely ruthless. [Although Andrew offered me some colons and brackets I do resist a further step backwards on our quest. Therefore, please, just do imagine me smiling serenely]

    Glad your ears found interesting or even enjoyable what they heard, Ruth. As for your and Claudia's eyes: I am with you; having tried twice to listen with my eyes closed, I do admit sometimes I could not resist to open them. Just like this chap.