Sunday, May 16, 2010

Of warmth, worms and extasy

The sunshine bathes in clouds of many hues
And mornings feet are gemmed with early dews
Warm Daffodils about the garden beds
Peep thro their pale slim leaves their golden heads
Sweet earthly suns of spring—the Gosling broods
In coats of sunny green about the road
Waddle in extacy—and in rich moods
The old hen leads her flickering chicks abroad
Oft scuttling neath her wings to see the kite
Hang wavering o'er them in the springs blue light
The sparrows round their new nests chirp with glee
And sweet the Robin springs young luxury shares
Tuteling its song in feathery Gooseberry tree
While watching worms the Gardeners spade unbears

John Clare (1798 - 1864) Home Pictures in May

More poems by John Clare are to be found on this fine site.


  1. A glorious poem rich with life. Though I feel a bit sorry for the worms...:)

    Magnificent garden! Is this yours, Sean? I seem to recognise Forest Bulb, on the top, at right.

    John Clare is delightful. Thanks for the link.

  2. I cannot come near to matching Claudia's words and so my one word, MAGIC!

  3. Claudia,
    glad you enjoy(ed).
    This post's title was, of course, a reminiscence of the philosophical discourse or, as Andrew would put it, the lunacy we are enjoying these days at Beag air Bheag.
    There's, by the way, no end in sight.
    Finally, you are right. The photo's taken in Seanhenge; already in April, though. Meanwhile it looks quite different.
    And: it's Forest Bulb, indeed.

  4. Ah, Calum,
    your one word is chosen beautifully. Thank you.
    Next week, I do hope to find a bit more leisure for several tiny trips to Scotland, visiting - amongst others - Clumsy's exhibition.

  5. Lovely, and a perfect description of idyllic spring.

  6. If only a worm could sing
    maybe I would write the ode
    that could let him grow a wing
    to fly over the abode
    of birds, cosy and dreaming
    of whom they will be eating.

    With apologies to John Clare.

  7. Ah now that is utter bliss. A fine choice of photo and poetry Sean

  8. Knatolee,
    glad you enjoyed.
    And: Congratulations!

    no need to apologize. Like any earthworm, dead poets don't complain. :)

    Thank you; it certainly is.
    Well, and as for the past fortnight it was slightly cold, it gives one at least an idea of how nice'n'warm spring can be.

  9. Nothing soothes the soul like the return of spring after a long grueling winter such as was had here.
    Delightful to read Sir Sean.

  10. Lady Janice,
    your delight is my pleasure.
    It's time that spring-temperatures spring a bit here, too.
    Alas, wish the weather-frogs were right, and from Wednesdays on it became warmer.