Thursday, May 06, 2010

Zwei Pfennige worth(less)

When in the Course of human Events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the Political Bands which have connected them with an antiquated Constitution, an unfair electoral system based on a duopoly of greed and unbalanced outcomes for the subjects (called citizens elsewhere) … they should vote for change.

By pinching shamelessly above's quote I am adding meine zwei Pfennige to Mr. Grahn's two cents on today's general election in the UK.


  1. Ach it's an important day here... Vote for no change in direction and then you will be forced to bend over and take another inch. Vote for change and you wil be bending over to take a foot!

  2. Don QuiScottie has just been informed that citizens are not allowed to vote for his "Death to the Smileys" party for the outrageous and bogus trumped up "reasons" that such a party does not officially exist and no such Don QuiScottie has registered as a candidate for Prime Ministeriality of this sinking island. Crazy! These people are clearly living in a mad world all of their own. So the Don will instead, vote once again for a proportional system of democracy instead of the ludicrous perversion that we have now, and will once again be disappointed, but he will stay up all night so that the slow arrival of disappointemnt can be savoured in full.

  3. "disappointemnt"? It was a mistake, but as almost a hybrid of disappointment and contempt, it was an apt one.

  4. Jams,
    Like the British Conservatives under (sic!) Dame (not) Thatcher, Labour under Blair and now Brown got powerdrunk and thus arrogant and ignorant.
    To ignore the demonstrated vote of millions of people against violating international law was a crime! The same goes for the so-called 'War against Terror'.
    Sometimes I think you are not governed by Mr. Brown, but by Sir Veillance.
    Not only the latter won't change, whatever the elections outcome will be. Wish I were wrong.

    as one can easily see in Germany, a proportional system does not guarantee 'good' governments.
    Still, I think it is more fair than the 'British system'.
    Therefore I'd like to see the necessity for 'building' a coalition. This might be a first step. And thus, next time Don QuiScottie's DttSP (Death to the Smiley Party) might win, and henceforth its (his) policy will make (at least) the vast majority smile.
    (Even more) serious[ly?]: This is such complex a matter that I'd prefer us to sit vis-à-vis.
    Putting all my thoughts within a couple of minutes in proper words would (unfortunately) take too long.

  5. I don't expect any system can guarantee good government Sean (after all, they all end up with government by humans, down on this little Earth, at least); but at least a proportional system gets closer to giving people what they deserve, even if it is muddle and dirty deals, and let's everyone feel they have had an equal say. Anyway, I am off to settle down to my night of disappointment (unless I sneak onto the wee Netbook on my chair's edge when the evening's events get tedious).

  6. Oh.... I do believe a dirty unwanted apostrophe sneaked into my comment up there, while my sword was raised against the looming threat of greater big smiley things. Heck and drat all the little symbols that swarm around my feet and threaten to disrupt my world.

  7. Apart from that I am slightly surprised you'd believe (in) anything: 'What dirty apostrophe are you writing about, Andrew?
    Certainly I'd subscribe to a postulation such as Let's everyone feel they have had an equal say.

    I think (latest*) by reading this you'll know a lot about my way of thinking, my thoughts about currently practised politics.

    To add another (sad) example: Quite a few times by members of ... gosh, yes, indeed! ... all parties currently representated in German parliament I got asked 'to enter politics'.
    How flattering, hm? Being a fossil, though, I politely refused. A journalist - and here comes the evidence I am a fossil - (imnho (in my not humble opinion) ought not to be member of whatever party - EXCLAMATION MARK
    Exactly this division/separation of power for various 'reasons' is - to put it mildly - endangered.
    Phew, did above I write this is complex a matter?

    End of the beforegoing.
    Question to myself: Why would I let follow the taciturnity in (many of) my posts a loquaciousness that might easily get diagnosed with logorrhoea?

    ... ha ha ha, that very matter's probably another complex one. ...

    * actually I think you do already know, at least have a glimpse of my way(s) of thinking.

  8. "let's" is fine if the meaning is "let us" but is not fine if it means "allows", which should be "lets", and there my friend, is the dirty wee mark that crept in and hid. As for your loquaciousity (I think I made that word up, but I allow myself that, so long as no damn symbols sneak in) but as for you loquaciousity, I am going to have to read it again to try to tease the meanings out...

  9. Oh! Wasn't I able to make clear that I had got it (the difference between let's and lets?

    ... and now cutting it short as the sandman has arrived at Seanhenge:
    Great to have stumbled upon you Andrew. Je ne regrette rien.
    The peace of the night.

  10. Goodnight. I will be up for hours watching a very interesting situation develop here. I have set Rocinante on the Sandman and he is running off in great alarm.

  11. Andrew,
    Pyrrhus Cameron will not be able to get Clegg's support, hm?
    Clegg would prove to be aturd, did he he support Cameron, hm?
    Thus, as it looks like, Labour will have to become a bit liberal.
    Whatever that means.
    Guid nicht!
    And what a disappointment it would mean for all those who call themselves Libertarians.

    Anyway, this might cause trouble:
    A statement said: "It is a cause for serious concern that many people who wanted to vote today were unable to do so by 2200 when polls closed."
    And right so!
    What a bunch of dilletant bureaucrat!
    Good night, Great Britain. And good luck!

  12. I don't know why I feel sorry for Dulcinea...

  13. My comment had nothing at all to do with the real British elections, of course!

  14. And now imagine, Claudia:
    Dulcinea (representing the people) being forced to bear/carry all those - sorry about following aprosdoketon - fucking idiots.

  15. Yes! It's a sad state of affairs. In French, I use worse names for politicians than the one you put, Sean!

  16. It would be interesting to hear more of your journalistic career that had all parties asking you to come on board. Unfortunately I fear reseraching you as either Sean Jeating or Seanso Panza will be unlikely to reveal much, however.

  17. nor "researching" either...