Monday, May 24, 2010


It's the time
of the year
when at night
listening to the silence
my heart feels so light.

The frogs are croaking.


  1. But why are you visiting and not posting?

    Are your fingers confused by listening to the sound of frogs croaking?

  2. Claudia,
    others would think 'What a sentimental idiot.'

    it is.
    Some people would complain ('The fucking frogs don't let me sleep!'), for me ... ah! already told above.

    can you see me smiling?
    Sometimes I would just visit one or two of my seldom borings, to read some relatively long posts, enjoying the blogger's eloquence, trying to learn certain words, idioms etc., following links ...;
    sometimes I'd put on my silliness-hat and enjoy deep philosophic discourses, f.e. with Dr. Scott; even more difficult it becomes when the topic is one I am acquainted with: often - at least on days words would not come easy to me - I'd just not be able to put my thoughts succinct and properly, and then I'd (mostly) do what I think to be the wisest in such cases: 'Just shut up, Sean!'.

    All this takes time; as does posting. Exaggerating here: I have billions of ideas, but for mentioned reasons am not able to realise them. Example: Presently I have lots of photos but not the words to accompany them.
    Perhaps / Probably it's but the fully deserved punishment for that little Sean once was such bloody lazy in learning vocabularies.

    Ah, Calum. Did I answer your question? I doubt!
    Wherewith I proved: A good question is not always / necessarily followed by a good answer.
    Thank you for your good question.
    Perhaps I should ask the frogs for the good answer? :)

  3. I would love to hear the sound of frogs but I fear they have suffocated under this @v!n56#g snow - oh my did I just say that?

  4. Lady Janice,
    I was irritated, not to say shocked and almost close to ask: Did you really say this: @v!n56#g ?

    Anyway, the frogs will not mind. And who am I to doubt the wisdom of frogs.