Saturday, May 08, 2010

Just repeating yesterday night's comment*

Pyrrhus Cameron will not be able to get Clegg's support, hm?
Clegg would prove to be a turd**, did he support Cameron, hm?
Thus, as it looks like, Labour will have to become a bit liberal.
Whatever that means.
Guid nicht!
And what a disappointment it would mean for all those who call themselves Libertarians.

Anyway, this might cause trouble:
A statement said: "It is a cause for serious concern that many people who wanted to vote today were unable*** to do so by 2200 when polls closed."
And right so!
What a bunch of dilettantish bureaucrats!
Good night, Great Britain. And good luck!

* (hopefully) without typos this time.

** sorry. Certainly I had not written this baaahd word, had not been coming to my mind what once in the past millennium I saw on a wall in Derry's Bogside: "Thatcher lured Hurd to be a turd."
Obviously I am getting old, hm? My long-term memory works so fine.

*** many people were unable to vote?! Rather they were enabled not to vote, hm? Ah, language is interesting; and sometimes reveals a lot.

Mind you, I have no clue of politics.


  1. Ridiculous indeed, although highly unlikely to have affected any of the affected results (he said, contradictorily), given the numbers. But clearly cock-up not conspiracy. Cost-cutting not conniving. I doubt if it will happen again. And meanwhile, Clegg, suddenly popular, is being wooed by Smooth Cameroony and Gruff Gordo; but if he surrenders and yields to either of the affections without getting the electoral reform for which so many supported him, he will be a bad boy, a very bad boy indeed. Let's wait, and let's see, and hope.

  2. Ah... Looking back... lance raised... apostrophes checked and allowed... smileys absent... move onwards then Rocinante, move on...

  3. By the way Sean, there is a windfarm in the hills just south of my home... a windfarm, with windmills. Windmills! I sense a major battle coming on... Although... I rather approve of windfarms and their windmills, although I'd prefer to see them offshore rather than on my hills. I am confused. I must consider my strategy, and make my plans...

  4. Forgive me for abbreviating you above so informally to "Sean", dear Naster Seanso. And forgive me also, for cluttering your blog this evening with such nonsensical and lunatic spam. I am off to pour Dulcinea and myself a glass of wine. Goodnight.

  5. Master Seanso, not Naster. Heck! Damn! Feck! those fickle fingers...

  6. It's quite amusing to see that, after years of apathy (I remember that once in 1999, when I lived in England, I had a conversation with a university graduate who didn't know who Peter Mandelson was. I was stunned by such political ignorance. I wasn't even English, and I knew who he was!), where people couldn't be bothered to vote, on the day when there was genuine enthusiasm for doing so, people were prevented by incompetence!

  7. Although I welcome a Tory government like I would welcome a dose of the clap from a work perspective this is the worst possible result... Uncertainty

    What is everyday in European politics is strange for us. We have not had a coalition here since 1945

  8. Andrew,
    if only thinking of queueing several hours for a pint of plain, only to, when standing next to the counter, being told by the barman 'Sorry, time over!'.
    Above's example would just prove my stupidity (who'd be queueing several hours for one pint of plain?), but this happened to people who have the right to cast their vote!
    It might not happen again, right. Still, it's an (alarming) evidence of incapacity.
    Ah, if only once people of a town / region / country would do what Saramago describes in The Seeing.
    - Hm, probably by not voting they'd but fight windmills?
    - There's nothing to forgive, Honourable Don Quiscottie. 'Naster' seems a fitting title for someone who's - at times - a master of nastiness?
    Anyway, it's nice to imagine Don Quiscottie and his Dulcinea entwined.
    The peace of the night, brave couple.

    well said! Why would one speak of 'Merry Old England, though?
    It's interesting that those responsible do treat their blame / shame as a petitesse.

    that's why it's high time to change to a proportional system.
    Clegg's got the chance.