Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Heaven - that was easy!

Of all the inventions of man I doubt
whether any was more easily accomplished
than that of a Heaven.

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799)


  1. My first thought: If Heaven did not exist (at least in the mind of some people) we wouldn't have The Divine Comedy. How about Michelange in the Chapel Sistine? Etc! Etc! Etc!

    But then, maybe non-believers don't enjoy the great works of art connected with God. I often wonder about that. And even some God-believers have destroyed masterpieces at Reformation time, thinking that it was blasphemy to paint and sculpt religious symbols. The idea of Heaven (real or invented) is very much part of our lives and of our vocabulary, serious and profane.

    I love Georg Christoph. He makes me think....

  2. WHat better thing to offer to those suffering hell in life - paradise after death.

    Truly a case of jam tomorrow!

  3. Claudia,
    I see your point.
    To create (sic) great architecture, literature, paintings etc. etc. etc. one does not necessarily need (to believe in) what might or might not exist, would you agree?

    Those who had the idea to gain power by making people believe in god(s), were certainly not stupid.

    However, there's hope; or is it not interesting that one could read on walls in Ulster: 'Is there life before death?'.
    Before death. Not 'before paradise.

    Well, and whatever result today's election will bring: There won't be paradise before death in the United (?) Kingdom.

  4. (Laughing) I don't know if Michelange believed in Paradise, but I would bet that he cursed a few times the Pope who ordered him to paint that ceiling....

    I will ponder those deep questions while I'm savouring my café mocha at Starbucks. A little taste of Paradise on Earth....