Thursday, May 27, 2010

A tragedy, a shame

... that I'd distract your attention from today's events.
Who cares about what was up to date many many yesterdays ago, hm?

The more as tomorrow today's another yesterday, hm?

Anyway, as said. Sorry, and by all means: Don't let disturb your peace of mind.

Apart from that
we can't solve each tiny problem on this beautiful planet: we just can't afford pondering too much, can we?
Pondering too much makes so bloody depressive, hm?

And life is much too beautiful, too precious to waste it on getting depressive, hm?

The more as
us getting depressive, will not change anything, hm?
It's hard enough daily to watch all these (breaking) news while enjoying our most delicious dinner, hm?

Ah! No. Skip watching the vid that I am too lazy to delete.

Enjoy life. It's so fucking short.

The f... err ... the peace of the night.


  1. Pity no body has commented here. But well, what can we say? What can we do?


  2. I had put a comment here, but my link didn't work, and I asked Sean to delete it. I'm learning new skills at the moment. One of them is how to link. Then I will offer a much needed comment on that tragedy. If only to thank Sean for being the lone voice who mentioned it.

    I'm involved with Docteurs sans Frontières since the quake. I've been encouraged, by them, to ask for condoms, in my phone calls for parmaceuticals products. The link will explain why it would help the future, if not (alas!) the present.

    There is a lot to say. and we can do a little bit to help. It's a shame that nobody said a word...

  3. In case I don't succeed in linking the article (with 3000 comments!!) let me say what I (myself) think. If the bloody old men, who run the Catholic church, and the Haitiens' life, would know something valid about sex, and would care about children, they would encourage the use of condoms, and vasectomies. Then, there would be less children born to poor families who(because they cannot feed them and send them to school) give them away, as servants, to abusive rich people.

    You would cry, as I do, if you would hear, from doctors and nurses, the problems they have in convincing people that a condom should be used. "Ce n'est pas permis!" It's not allowed...It's been drilled into them by the church. Why not? The more children, the more unpaid workers for the religious institutions!

  4. Bertus, Claudia,
    yes, I do find this interesting, too.
    However, I am not surprised.
    Quite a few - not to say most - of my (more) serious posts in the past would have got none or almost no comments.

    Now and then I do think of broaching this very issue.
    Well, actually I did, hm?
    Or why would I've chosen to be such sarcastic in my foreword to the video? :)

    Thanks for your comments. Means much to me.

    And certainly there will be another post about the 'restaveks'. In that post I'll also go into this and that you mentioned, Claudia.


  5. Rest assured, Sean, that anything you will write on Haiti's tragedy will be deeply appreciated by the volunteers who give hours of their life trying to alleviate the victims' suffering and sense of isolation.

    I always enjoy your artistic, original posts and photos, Sean. They uplift my spirit, and often give me serenity, joy or laughter.

    But when you speak of the deep problems faced by so many deprived people in our world, you use words which tear my heart apart, and push me, and others, to reflection and action. I'm grateful to be reminded that we all belong together, and that, somehow, we're responsible not only for our own little corner, but for someone, somewhere, who is crying with pain, and needs a helpful hand to stand up and to live another day.

    Thank you for those moments, Sean. To be human, is to be somebody's brother or sister, no matter where, and when. And to do whatever we can do. Be it only, at times, to let a name enter our heart, our soul, and to wrap it with our love.

    May you be inspired again to speak for those who have no voice. And may I always hear well what you're telling us. Take care, friend.:)