Monday, May 17, 2010

Same sight, different view

Well, for yesterday's post I chose a photo taken in April, around Eastern.
That's why the Osterglocken (Easterbells = daffodils) meanwhile are withered, and thus today it looks a bit different: Narcissi & Co. have taken their place, the hazeltrees have put on their foliacious skirt. Only Forest Bulb remains as it is.


  1. "Around Eastern"? Oh... around Easter you will mean - I was wondering if you meant pointing East. Anyway, nice to see these pictures which could just has well have been entitled "The last thing the earthworm ever saw." (Bloody vicous birds... Come on the cats!)

  2. "just has well"?..... "just as well" would be better. It does seem to be impossible to offer any correction without submitting at least one new error in return - the ritual exchange of gifts, perhaps.

  3. Magnificent offering. Thank you, Sean.

    I think there is a worm living inside Andrew. I don't mean this to be offensive. His concern is rather moving. As for English typo sins, let them come, let them come. They justify my French inefficiency! To your good health, gentlemen. À la votre!

  4. It's just my instinct to champion the underdog, Claudia, to take up arms (or at least words) on behalf of the poor downtrodden neglected ones that quietly keep the whole world working. There are a lot of them about. Fancy birds with their fine feathers, cool cats with their fine furs, all dependent ultimately on the work and sacrifices of the unloved worms. Sounds like a society near me.

  5. Oh... and here's the delayed "i" for my "vicious" (first comment). It turned left instead of right on my frail telephone wire and took the long route round...

  6. Andrew- You're not the only one who wish that the earthworms had more appeal. Don't want to promote my lowly writing, but (on the previous post) I tried to give a wing to the (alas) non-singing worm. Is there any chance for a continuing evolutionary process for the terre-à-terre crawling species?

  7. I had noticed your missing "i", Andrew. But I'm very careful about not only correcting others, but also myself. Always hoping that nobody will know any better....So I go in life, merrily stuttering with voice and fingers, until someone yells:Cut!

  8. Perhaps when the nukes all finally go pop the worms shall inherit the Earth, evolving merrily away in all that radioactive dust, which they are rather resistant to, with a few billion dead humans to sustain them for a while. Stranger things have happened, just look at us. Got to watch those bloomin' birds though - they, supposedly came from the dinosaurs, tough little survivors that they are. My money would be on whatever comes from us though. It won't be us, but it will have come from us. And verily, they shall still be playing golf... Hallelujah!

  9. One Amen is never enough for Claudia, clearly; and now to complement your two Amens, may I add...


    (I am surprised the holy cry in these modern times has not become "Aperson", actually. Perhaps a campaign should be started).

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. All I needed to say, Andrew, was a third AMEN!


  12. Claudia, Andrew,
    By all earthworms! There's a lot to catch up.
    I thik*, not to wake anybody I shall sneak downstairs into the night, and with help of Forest Bulb try to catch an earthworm so that when dawn comes an early bird will not catch it.
    The peace of the night, and keep your (wo)manly fingers personally crossed.

    * Dear Andrew, the allegedly missing n you may take (away) from Easter(n) where I had temporarily stored it, just in case I might forget an n elsewhere.

  13. Ah, Claudia,
    oh why ...?
    Now Andrew might not come to know that ...

  14. Hahaha! I think Friend Andrew read it, Sean. Nobody else needed to know. They might want to become his students. Wouldn't want to spoil the adventure....

  15. Absolutely delightful. I love the German name for Daffs

  16. Jams
    especially the earthworm perspective is breathgiving.
    'Osterglocken' sounds nice, doesn't it. And the name makes sense, as they are always booming around Easter.

  17. "booming"

    Exploding daffodils? A rare hybrid.

  18. Yeah these BOOMING Osterglocken are driving us guys crazy down here, though if they take out a few birds as they explode I suppose we'll put up with it. (Big Worm sent me to take a look at your place, by the way. I didn't realise humans were so versatile as to blog, even if the spelling is sometimes shocking xxxx:)

  19. Andrew,
    I can expain this, though. The etter you're missing is in the state of multipying. Is? Ah: was. It's done. Right in time: Lollll

    Wee Wormy,
    what a pleasure for my eyes. A worm - err --- warm welcome to Omnium.
    Now I have learnt that booming Osterglocken are ABWs (Anti-Birds-Weapons) after your heart I'll ask a friend with certain skills in chemistry to bring this DS (Defense System) to perfection so that next Easter there might be a never seen Osterglocken-booming.
    Meanwhile kind regards to Big worm.
    By the way, is it correct that the surname off wee individuals in your language would be written with a Capital, while the surname of big individuals would not?

  20. Seanso, did you say "Lol" or even "Lollll"???!!!!

    I can barely bare to repeat such an abomination. Worse even that the dreaded smiley! And as for LMFAO, BTW, WTF!!!! Ahhhh all my enemies as one, swirling in multitude like windmill sails. I shall assume you are drunk, dear friend (as I hope you can remain a friend once you recover from your swally, sober up and realise what an outrage has occurred). I must now wake up Dulcinea so that I can cry myself to sleep in her arms, but I am sufficiently annoyed that I may have to venture out into the cold yard first and kick Rocinante, undeservedly, just to vent my spleen. It is you, Seanso, YOU, who will be hurting the poor horse.

  21. Distressed, Despairing Don QuiscottieWednesday, May 19, 2010 2:07:00 am

    And so upset am I you, yes YOU, made me say "bare" for "bear". The damage and hurt you cause Seanso. It is a disgrace!