Saturday, May 08, 2010

Re a knot in my hanky

Well, ...

almost three months ago, during a 'late night session' with
- in alphabetical order, but comme il fault, ladies first -
CherryPie, Claudia and Andrew, I promised CherryPie to make
a knot in my hanky* in order to not forget that she's looking
forward to pictures from the other seasons.

Voilà. And see, CherryPie?
No hanky spoils the view of the scenery.

Instead: two golfers. Joyce'n'Beckett?
Certainly not, as I realised at first sight.
Andrew'n'Calum, then?
Not sure.
None of the gentlemen cursed, sweared,
battered a club on the ground or
hurled it further than the ball.
Who knows, though?
Calum claimed nowadays to be
much much ..... much much fucking calmer!

PS: Claudia, you're not forgotten. My muscles do however need some exercise before being worth to be publicly shown. Therefore I suppose, the ideal moment will be, when the last potato has been digged up. ...


  1. Ah now that is a pleasant sight... the lack of snow that is. I can't say that will ever grace a glof course again

  2. a golf course on the other hand? who knows!

  3. Now that looks very nice. It could almost be Scotland.

  4. Admiring both sceneries (winter and summer) but keeping a big supply of Oh! and Ha! for the show of muscles after the digging season. I won't let you forget...

  5. But which muscles will it be Claudia? Maybe the big smiley muscles pulling the mouth in an upward curve. He's been a bit deprived of smileys recently.

  6. The snow is beautiful but having had more than enough snow and accompanying cold recently am looking forward to that delicious lush greenery :)

    oh sod, forgot and used a smiley.....

  7. What a lovely contrast in seasons :-)

    Now I need to see the same scene in Autumn colours. I am such a hard task master ;-)

  8. Sean promised us the Popeye's huge upper arms and chest muscles. Not little dots and signs typed with a finger.....We're through with that. He can't escape so easily.

  9. Oh... well he better start eating the spinach. Watch out for the sneaky use of a body double or Photoshopping (not that I have any reason to doubt that our Sean is a lean, mean muscle machine).

  10. Machine? Somehow the word doesn't fit Sean even with muscle attached to it! We'll see...He has a lot of ladder climbing to do with all the fruit trees in Seanhenge.

  11. Sean I WAS there but I was swearing in Gaelic!

  12. Jams,
    the day might come when you'd consider snow a pleasant sight. Just wait until the lovers of spoiled walks, Andrew and Calum, challenge you to a game of golf.

    it seems an attractive course. Especially during weekends you could see lots of licence numbers from pretty far away.

    do you wish a knot gracing my biceps?

    gosh. I'd not have asked above's question, had I earlier read yours.
    Now, that offers possibilties ...

    as an exception:) absolve te!

    Oh, just noticed the bracket that unintended slipped from my fingers at the wrong time and a delicate place. Alas, too late.

    your need is, of course, my order, Mylady.

    I am so relieved! Popeye's huge upper arms and chest muscles? That should be easy. Will check the net for a nice pic.

    now it dawns on me why when quoting Thoreau, my subconscious would jib in view of the last word, not unlike Rocinante whenever the brave steed would get wind of an earthworm.
    No double, not photoshopping I promise, but an authentic pic. There might no be many muscles to see, but all will be mine.

    thank you, dear Claudia!
    How could I make up for your kindness? ... Hm, I might not be able to move heaven and earth in order to be able to present you some nice looking muscles; at least I shall climb the latter like a machine.

    ní faghtar saoi gan locht.