Sunday, May 09, 2010

It does not lack of irony

... when Mother's Day coincides with this very anniversary.


  1. Not that I would ever want to redirect your thinking, Sean. Although, myself, I would call the coincidence fortuitous or fortunate, not only for the many women, liberated by the Pill from carrying children whom they were not ready, or willing to have, but also for the could-be-babies which, thankfully, were not born to those mothers. I also think of all the viable foetuses who might have been sadly aborted, had not the Pill prevented their unwanted conception.

    Since the advent of the Pill, many children can celebrate their parents everyday knowing that the gift of life their received had been a joyful choice.

    That the Pill (and the use of condoms) are not promoted everywhere as the right forms of birth control and prevention of sexual diseases should be our concern.

    I devoted many hours of my life with young people speaking of the right of a woman to choose when to give birth, and the right of a child to live when he has been conceived. The Pill has miraculously allowed those two rights to become one.

    Thank you, Sean, for the opportunity to write, on Omnium, of what is very dear to me.

  2. Sorry for a quirk, here and there....Some French words were fighting to be heard!

  3. Although it is not Mothers Day today here in the UK, where it is always in March or very occasionally April. No significance there though. The pill? Yes... I celebrate it very much myself too. Men have much to thank it for.

  4. Janice, CherryPie,
    ... 'World Water Day' coinciding with 'World Day of Offshore Drilling' would also be a fine pair.

    I did not say anything against the pill, did I?
    Still, just to make sure: I do agree with all you wrote; and you put it well.

    yep! ... And women.