Friday, December 09, 2011

Friday is Skyday

Well, this Friday happened to be
a Sunday in August.


  1. Indeed CherryPieintheSky. The hole in the clouds, the big beam descending, the "Oh... here we go again moment..." Then the return to the, Ach they'll never believe me, so I'll just talk about it but pretend it's all a joke... But, as discussed elsewhere, they seem to wipe your memory clean, whereas I remember every detail... unless I'm just imagining it all, of course... Surely not. Oh, forgive me Sean, I meant to say: "Nice photo of the sunshine through the clouds". That's all.

  2. Nice photo of the sunshine through the clouds. That's all.

  3. Oh Yea of little faith, little Claude (I would add a smiley but this earthy keyboard my odd pal is letting me use don't have any with 3 eyes. Parochial!)

  4. @ Al Ee-en - Lending you some smileys: :-) :-) :-) :-)

  5. @ Al Ee-en
    Where are you heading next?
    Do you think I could get a lift from you, please?
    I can share petrol and driving.

  6. "Petrol" Ha ha! What an absurd idea!

    And YOU driving? Ha ha! What an absurd idea!

    Humans eh? No concept whatsoever of their limitations. Still, I quite like you, so ama headin your way lady. Just watch the skies and be ready for a trip that we may decide not to allow you to remember (unless some damn hypnotis recovers it - the blighters. They are not very good but the do find enough to be troubling). By the way, having at least two syncopated eyeballs will be an advantage out there, although not really sufficient to see everything.

  7. Bloody hell I slipped a few typos in there eh? Sorry, Englandish is my 321st language. Nevertheless, I would NOT want to get Don QuiScottie the legendary typo (smiley, windmill and now, I believe, snow) slayer wound up enough to start any of his crusades among my kind. We may be very smart but we have a problem dealing with anger, it having evolved out of our make-up, like it does in any species that gets beyond the stage of... oh... about the stage that you lot are at now actually.

  8. @ Al Ee-en
    Fine by me if you want to do all the driving.
    But do I really have to come back here? I was hoping for a more permanent relocation.

  9. What you see may change your mind...

    Come to think of it, what we do will change your mind.

    Off to a far away place now, but fear not, I'll be back (or perhaps fear yes}

  10. @ Al Ee-en
    Um, I think I'll get a lift from someone else, I don't think I like you very much.

  11. CherryPie, Andrew, Claude, Al Ee-en, Ashley,

    't was but a photo of the sun shining through clouds. At least I thought so until ...