Sunday, December 04, 2011

Natural Arts

Pedro Potato and Olivia Onion watching*
green cabbage growing.


  1. Haha! Cheered me up. Compliments of the season, Sean.

  2. Great companionship! They're just waiting for the other friend to grow and join them. Delightful composition, Sean.

  3. I hate to add that it's also appetising!

  4. Lady Limoncello,
    learning that I was able to cheer you up: now, that's the compliment of the season. :)
    Even more seriously: Thank you!

    hm, on the risk to cast dark shadows upon my nimbus as a great gardener: Pedro and Olivia could have waited up til infinity – I had obviously been too late planting the cabbage.
    As for your added words, I can assure both, Pedro and Olivia tasted like a potato and an onion would taste that did not come to learn the pleasures of pesticides.

    great friends, indeed. They are a pleasure to our eyes, they do feed us. I am thankful.