Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nothing to share

(Even when you are longing:)
Sadness can not be shared.

You may talk about to one person, to ten, to hundreds.

Even if being empathic: No one will feel the same. None will (be able to) share your sadness.

Same goes for love, for any of your feelings. They are unique. 

You are unique.

I am unique.

The peace of the night.


And what is when they grow 232 kg of sweet corn to produce one litre of ethanol?

Now, that's organised stupidity / crime.

I am not willing to share.
Kestrel, not in need of maize/ethanol.


  1. Being forever alone can be lonely though. Although... having someone else's mind intrude into mine...? Perhaps loneliness is best, with little bridges of light and sound and touch between our neurons.

  2. Well, this probably how far sharing in the digital world can go.

    The word 'share' always reminds me of the Dutch word 'schaar'(scissors). Sharing only gives you a clipping...

  3. I am with Andrew. As for biofuels, this will be a terrible crime against nature

  4. Warm Wishes to all of you. With my full heart and soul. Thank you for all you have offered through the blogosphere.

  5. I would like to change the word "soul" for "spirit".

    I had forgotten that you don't believe we have a soul.

    This was a friendly message, not trying to prove a point. Cheers!

  6. I boycott ethamol!!!

    And I echo Claude's sentiments. :)

  7. The great wonder is that we succeed in communicating as well as we do, unbridgeable gaps notwithstanding.

  8. Whatever we have or don't have Claude, whatever we are or are not, we share some fun and warm communications through the agency of wobbling electrons and shimmering screens, whatever happens in the heads or hearts or souls or spirits or whatevers at either end. Warm wishes back to you.