Saturday, December 24, 2011

The longer Omnium exists ...

the less worth it is.

The peace of the night.


  1. And peace to your mind too Seanso (if only I really had the power to bestow such a thing).

  2. Hope this will be open to you Sean:

    It has been a long time favorite of mine, when in need of some comfort, Played by the still much missed (at least by me) pianist Youri Egorov who pushes Verhey to great hights.

  3. Just recovering from a two-week-flu, still coughing desperately...

    As for your evaluation of Omnium, it's just a matter of opinion.

    Right from the beginning, sometimes it's very good. Sometimes, it's less. Sometimes, it's up. Sometimes, it's down. It's never been perfect. It's never been worthless. It's always been unique. It's always been honest.

    That's all one can ever ask from a blog. And from a human being.

    Just say good morning, good night, have a good week, a good month, a good year...Just say nothing!

    We love you. We'll take it as it comes, words or silence. And we'll never stop being your friends.

    Good morning to you, dear Sean. No snow yet in Toronto. Hope winter is kind to you, your people and your land. Much love, as always.:-)

  4. Andrew,
    despite prefering to be self-determinded: in this very case I (think I) would not mind you having this very power.
    Thank you.

    a pleasure to my ears, this echo. Thank you.

    Ah, Bertus,
    how kind. Thank you.
    How often I do ask myself, what an early death's bereaving us from ...
    Egorov was certainly a great artist.

    ... why would I like everyone else to agreeing with your words? :)
    Thank you. One of the finest com(pli)ments I got.

    ... and I am missing you.

    Being almost extremely taciturn these days has its reasons I suppose. Fortuntaley, panta rhei.