Saturday, December 24, 2011

Where there is a will ...

... there is no way.

No one will come to know why I laughed til I cried, yesterday night.

Neither there will anyone come to know why I (almost) desperately cried tonight.

[At least, not now.]

... ' cause I would not tell, which again would be another story.

Laughter and sadness: siblings they are.

Thus, to all who – despite I do find amazing that so many people in 2011 would still be conditioned to believe in what they have been told in their youth:

Don't start thinking (yourself). Just enjoy what you have been taught to think you believe: Merry whatever. 


  1. As atheists there is no religion for us tomorrow! How about a pleasant and relaxing day...if one exists!

  2. Maybe just enjoy the peace and quite and spending time with family or just having a one to one with nature :-)

  3. A winter wish of wonder to you, Sean, and as much laughter as you can find and bear.

  4. Jams,
    'if one exists': With hindsight it was slightly a relaxing day for an agnostic

    I took your advice. Thank you.

    ... and peace to you.

    ha ha ha, now, that's what I'd call foil-fencing. You are glorious.

    Good wish, Stan,
    thank you, friend. Indeed, sometimes laughter is hard to bear.
    Mostly, though ...