Thursday, December 01, 2011


'The markets are getting nervous.'
The markets are important?
Ha ha ha ha ... up til ... infinity ...

The photo's being taken by the astrophysicist on his recent (private) session.


  1. Beautiful.It puts everything from the Kardashians to the imminent global financial meltdown in perspective!

  2. Ha ha ha, Jams,
    imagine: I had never heard of Kim Kardashian, before.
    Perhaps I am focusing too much on Orion Nebulas etc.? :)

  3. It being space and all that terms of space perhaps I should have mentioned Cardassians instead!

  4. That's beautiful and I feel all little and safe.

  5. It makes me feel profoundly sad (great picture though it is).

    Just the way my attitude has been going recently. I need to work on it.

  6. No, no, Jams,
    'the Kardashians' were perfect to mention.

    sometimes it can be so calming, comforting, depressant, molly- and pressifying, salving, sedative, soothing and therapeutic, can't it?

    ... isn't it?

    your, my, our attitude I 'know'. Trying to find a or even the very solution for the better seems indeed not the easiest alternative ... still (at least sometimes) I do think it is worthwhile.

  7. Tomorrow is another day Sean.

    And tomorrow, and tomorrow... creeps in this petty pace... to the last syllable of recorded time... ...a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing (?)

    Goodnight dear, yet not met, friend. Though yes met, for even face to face the minds remain apart. An exchange of thoughts between minds, whatever minds are, is a meeting, however it happens. Goodnight again.

  8. Andrew,
    and this feeling – the feeling although never having met – to meet, to have met a friend, however far apart s/he may live, is good a feeling.
    Thank you!